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Corvette Gets 7-liter Engine

You might think that 6 liters was enough to make the Corvette two-seater fast enough, but not for the competition department lurking inside GM. They wanted to be able to compete head-to-head with the European supercars in the international endurance races for sports cars.

To do so, they took a leaf out of Ford’s book. In the 1960s, when Ford found it could not compete with the smaller Ferraris at Le Mans with the 4.2 (ex-Indy) or 4.7 liter engines, they brought out their 7-liter mill. And it was so much bigger than the competition that they won. So the guys behind the Corvette decided to produce a 7-liter version of America’s favorite and most famous sports car.

By the way, the 7 liter Corvette more than competes with the Dodge Viper SRT-10, which could give the standard Corvette a bit of a run for its money. Of course, this … Read More

Add Performance, Speed And Luxury To Your Lifestyle

Since last few years Acura is regarded as one of the best options for the people who love to stay like king. There is variety of luxurious cars offered by Acura which includes Acura RSX, Acura TSX etc. if you are looking for some innovative and attractive products then this is the best option for you. In the area of luxurious automobile Acura has earned an admirable position. It brings both class and style to the cars. It is considered to be the right arm of the Honda motors and offers high end sports cars to luxury sedans.

At Acura every part is technically tested and tricked in order to offer you the best product which is more reliable, presentable and durable. Acura actions for bringing excellence that?s why it presents the best tanks, exhausts, catalytic converters, condensers, radiators etc. here all the parts are produced with toughest and the … Read More

Audi A6 Dvd Which You Can Buy Them Online at Very Low Prices

This is to be even plainer with the surfacing of affordable AUDI A6 DVD which you can buy them online at very low prices. The only dilemma arrival together with a mean assess tag is that it brings along a “prize”: the possibility of with cracked software. These models usually compete with the branded OEM manufacturers but are getting a show crack of the festival because of their cheaper price. People are maybe aware that almost all types of electronics, like chamber receiver, MID, In Dash Car DVD Player, come with a Chinese smear and sometimes Audi A6 DVD are of no omission.

AUDI A6 DVD fits 2001-2002 Audi A6 with 2-din original stereo. It is actually a double-DIN DVD player with touch-panel connectivity for USB devices and. Expansion options include preamp outputs, Bluetooth, built-in GPS, RDS, steering wheel control and uncomplicated addition to rearview camera, DVB-T etc…Achieve it and … Read More

A Special Audi TT Car Dvd Gps Navigation System

A Special Audi TT Car DVD GPS Navigation System

As we know, in dash car DVD GPS player is a necessary for a whole car system. People usually buy a car DVD player to replace the original car radio system. When you are planning to buy a car gps navigation from the supplier, it is very necessary to make sure that the DVD player is covered with 12 months warranty and quality guarantee. Many car owners who have a Audi TT prefer to choose the car DVD GPS player specially made for special Audi TT from Qualir since it is capable of multi-media like gps navigation system.

As a professional automobile aftermarket products online store, Qualir always offers the customers various car DVD players of high quality and reliability, and any product are provided with 12 months warranty and quality guarantee, as well as other services such as 60 days … Read More

Used Car Prices ? What Is It About?

You will need thorough considerations before buying a car as it is not cheap to own one. That is why nowadays, people are seeking for used or second hand cars, especially in cases where they are looking for extra cars. Believe it or not, the market of used car is much bigger compared to new market cars. This is simply because by owning a used car, it costs you less and at the same time you have more choices. For instance, you can get a car model of year 1990 by purchasing a used car which cannot be done by buying new cars. Besides, you will enjoy lower depreciation for a used car, low insurance payment and the best part is you can get an ?almost new? car for a very much lesser price. In some deals, warranty is included as well.

For your information, the used car prices vary … Read More