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Windshield Replacement When You're in Boise Idaho

Cars without windshield can be very dangerous. In fact, they play a huge part in the over-all protection of the driver as well as the passenger. This structural shield is a must because it supports not only passengers but also some essential parts inside the car or vehicle. Many drivers are not really aware of this fact that is why when their car’s windshield is damaged, they do not repair them quickly. Some are even sanctioned by police officers to have them replaced for safety reasons.

Since windshields can protect us from accidents, manufacturing them needs further quality control or quality checks. Even with such high standard or quality, there are still instances wherein road accidents are unavoidable. Simple road problems like tiny stones or pebbles can at times damage the windshield especially when they are stepped on by a raging car’s wheel. The tendency is that they will bounce … Read More

Why Won?t Your Engine Start?

Somehow, your engine just would not start. You are stumped and you surely would not know what to do now. Well, there are a couple of things that could be the cause why your engine would not start when you try to turn it on.

Usually, when you start a car, you would hear a cranking sound. If you do not hear the sound, it actually means that your starter is not working. The thing to do would be to actually check what might be wrong with your starter. It could be your starter per se or it could even be parts of it like the starter wires, or relay. Or maybe, the battery is dead. You can also check the battery terminals to see if they are already corroded or just loose.

The ?check engine? light should also be turned on when you start your car. You see, it … Read More

United States is Expected to Guide The Competition of Lithium-ion Battery For Car

Duke University recently released a new study shows that, by 2020, more than half of new car sales are expected to be hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars and pure electric cars. The world is racing to develop and produce advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle, the United States already has the conditions to become a world leader.

Duke University to carry out the study of globalization, governance and competitiveness of the research center pointed out, when the hybrid car appears, Japan by virtue of the Toyota Prius leading the United States about 10 years. But Prius uses nickel metal hydride battery, the vast majority of the next generation of hybrid and pure electric vehicles will use lithium-ion batteries, and suitable for vehicles using of lithium-ion battery has not yet been fully developed, commercialization and mass production.

Marcy Lowe, the lead author of the report said, despite a professor of the … Read More