Month: January 2018

Alloy Wheel Repair Doncaster- Improve The Appearance Of Your Car

Alloy wheel refurbishment is the method of repairing a wheel, painting the wheel; and lacquering the wheel before it is reinstalled on your vehicle. There are companies with wheel specialist offering a top quality service.

Alloy wheels are pricey but a worthy investment. However it’s foreseeable that at some point in your driving life you will get the unusual blow. Even while parking at times you may hit a stone or gravel kickups from other vehicles passing.

It is not always necessary to hire professionals. You can easily learn to do repairs on simple rim damages such as discoloration and scratches. You can even choosse to buy a wheel repair kit. You can save a lot of cash and time by being able to fix simple damages.

There are at times damages on rims that make them irreparable. Then you are left with no option but to buy new rims. … Read More

How To Pick The Right Vehicle

For instance, purchasing a car just because it looked great in that commercial that you saw is probably not the greatest idea since you have no idea how your finances will match up after you’ve already made the purchase. There are all sorts of things to consider such as gasoline expenses, unexpected roadside emergencies, car insurance, vehicle taxes (depending on what state you live in), and registration costs, etc. Believe me, it all adds up quickly. Plus, did you know that the newer your vehicle is, the more you will be paying in car insurance? It’s true.

Begin your search for the perfect vehicle by first knowing what kind of a driver you are. For instance, someone who drives all over town and does a lot of stop and go driving in general may want to look for a vehicle that is better on gas mileage since stop and go … Read More

Chinese Cars: Arrival Delayed!

Over the past year, much has been written about various Chinese automakers and the pending introduction of their vehicles to the U.S. market. Manufacturers such as Chery and Geely have been mentioned most frequently with a few smaller automakers also receiving some press. Originally, it appeared that both manufacturers would import their vehicles some time around the summer of 2007, but that now appears unlikely as several current models have already failed preliminary U.S. safety tests. Regardless, before 2009 hits, at least two Chinese manufacturers will likely be importing cars to the U.S. and at prices starting as low as $8500!

Yes, all that talk of $6600 cars from China have evaporated. Many auto enthusiasts, including yours truly, had been passing around information about cheaply priced, cheaply built cars coming from China that would retail below $7000, some $3000 cheaper than any model now sold in the U.S. Dire predictions … Read More

Cyclists. Should They Be Insured

I think this is true also of uninsured cyclists. One day we will look back in bemusement at how they were allowed on our roads without insurance.. I spend a lot of time on the roads, covering on average 800 miles each and every week so I see a lot. There are many things that incense me with ignorant attitudes but here we are just concerning ourselves with the increasingly bad behaviour of cyclists.

I see many incidents every week and in my opinion it is a growing problem. Firstly, I lose count of how many times each week I am behind a cyclist with either myself or a learner at the wheel, perhaps even just about to overtake, and suddenly they swing out, sometimes as much as half a metre, to avoid a drain or a small hole without even the slightest look behind them to see who is … Read More

Keep Your Kids Safe In Your Car

Anyone with children knows that car safety is important. They are so little and cars are so big, they have to be taught safety by example as well as enforcing safety rules. Contrary to popular belief, children actually listen when their parents talk to them. The only kids who refuse to listen are kids who have never been expected to.

Children should know basic car and road safety. Explain to your kids that being the size they are makes them hard to see from the drivers seat of a vehicle. Put them in the drivers seat of your car and ask them to look around them, show them why it is hard to see them rather than just tell them.

Show them how important it is by making sure drivers have given you eye contact prior to crossing in front or behind them of them. Be sure to talk … Read More