Month: December 2018

Auto Dealer License

Anyone in the automotive business would require an auto dealer license to deal with the sale and purchase of autos whether full time or part time. In fact such license is mandatory under the laws of the land irrespective of the types of auto one is dealing with. Even for the part time dealing with the autos one would require such license.

Obtaining License is Not Difficult
There is however no reason to be worried as obtaining a fresh auto dealer license or adding one to the existing automotive business is fairly easy. Only thing that is required is the aspirant has to follow a few steps meticulously to get license for such dealership. First of all, one has to contact the local motor vehicles department or the D.M.V. Best part of it is that opportunities are now available to apply online for such dealer licenses. Conversely one can also … Read More

Secrets to Comply in Basic Car Maintenance

With a highly studied and developed cars haing a lot of alerting mechanisms and signals for the driver to know and stay reminded of the car’s needs. As simple as parking and backing cars will alert the driver to halt if your car finds something around him thereby depriving the vehicle to bump into something resulting with the help of the cooperative signals and warnings.

Another intuitive attribute of cars at this time is that cars today informs the driver on when a scheduled maintenance is due. When your car is very fresh and new, donot ever be so confident that your car needs zero maintenace any longer until 5 years! Even the most up-to-date designs of cars still call for some maintenance as regularly as they can be and this is to ensure safety superiority all the parts of the car. This does not only enable car owner to … Read More

Teen Traffic Deaths Increasing

The number of teen traffic deaths has increased. For years, the number has declined, but it has recently begun to increase. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of deaths of 16 and 17 year old drivers has increased 19{1fc9255f709716ff2a33289826fd726eed7cedf5137bb7feefe22a1bfbde604a}. Traffic deaths are a serious issue for teens. Traffic collisions are the number one cause of injury and death for American teens aged 15 through 20.

The study does not discuss the causes for the spike in traffic deaths. Experts speculate the spike could be caused by the improving economy. An improving economy usually means that there are more teen drivers on the road. Teenage drivers also have more distractions than ever before.

Many teens have mobile devices, mp3 players, laptops, and more. These are great electronic devices, but they can be incredibly distracting while someone is driving. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accident. Teens … Read More

How a Texas Defensive Driving Course Can Save You Money

It only takes 6 hours to take a defensive driving course in Texas, and it will save you money for the next three years. Every licensed driver in Texas is qualified to complete a defensive driving course that not only lowers the number of points on the driving record, it also qualifies that driver for a discounted auto insurance policy – up to 3 years.

Most TEA approved providers charge $25.00 to register, which is the lowest price allowed in Texas.

The cost for the course returns almost immediately, upon completion of a defensive driving course, the driver becomes qualified for a 10{1fc9255f709716ff2a33289826fd726eed7cedf5137bb7feefe22a1bfbde604a} TX auto insurance discount, which is valid for 3 years. The only price you truly have to pay is the 6 hours of learning you have to devote to the course.

But what is 6 hours if the course could be taken online, at the driver’s convenience? … Read More

Soar With The Mazda Mx-5

Bearing the symbol letter M like wings stretching to soar for the future, Mazda is envisioned to create new value, excite and delight to their customers through the best automotive products and services. Being the first automotive company to produce a car that can run on hydrogen fuel, the Japanese auto maker has also proven that it builds not just user-friendly cars but environment-friendly vehicles as well.

The company name which in Japanese language means ?wisdom? has likewise proven that in choosing cars, people smart enough will choose Mazda.

As of last year, Mazda has satisfied the great demands of people in countries like Japan, Europe, Australia, North and Latin America. The Hiroshima-based company expects to produce 1.25 million cars every year. Headed by Hisakazu Imaki, it had proven and still continues to prove itself of producing high technology and state of the art vehicles all over the globe.

When … Read More