6 Simple Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips

Mahindra Bolero is a strong built MPV with great efficiency. Bolero can give you lifelong performance, if you are honest with its maintenance factors. Here some easy and result oriented Mahindra Bolero Maintenance tips have been stated.

Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips:

1. Engine Oil: While maintaining Bolero, engine oil is very important; always check the level of oil, when you notice Oil warning light is glowing. You can fill the oil to its level, with a high quality manufacturer recommended brand. The use of high quality will determine the engine life for longer period and good result above all.

2. Tires: Tires gets torn and worn after a particular period. Make a habit of ruling out any worn out signs like cracks, holes and all. It’s better to have a tire gauge to maintain tire pressure. Always ensure that you drive your Bolero with exact air pressure in the tires. It will increase life of your tires but also give good mileage and your tires longevity increases in turn.

3. Checking Battery: Try to keep battery clean and dry without any salt or corrosion deposition. Check and tight terminals periodically and remember to fill it with right fluid after certain period.

4. Maintenance of Filters and Radiators: It’s very important to keep the oil and air filters clean. Maintaining Bolero also includes that the filters are replaced after the suggested time in maintenance book. If you are driving in dusty roads, it’s important to get the radiator and condenser are blown properly at regular interval. This practice will help you to prevent engine from overheating.

5. Drive Sensibly: Proper driving is a part of maintenance. Always drive at proper gear and avoid sudden high accelerating and braking too often. Avoid short tips and idling for long time, turn off the ignition at traffic signals and try to drive at constant speed. All such practices will help in improving engine efficiency and you can have improved fuel economy also.

6. Maintenance Schedule: Car owners must follow the rules suggested in user’s manual. Try to follow service schedules, recommended spare parts from company parts should be used to replace worn out parts. Always visit Mahindra authorized service station for maintenance purpose. These will help you in proper caring of Bolero under expert guidance.

The above mentioned Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips will really come handy and help you in lowering maintenance cost by timely attention.