Audi A3 – Brilliance At Its Best

Originally launched in 1996 Audi A3 was the introduction of compact hatchback segment that other models later entered into. This car was so brilliant it blew the original BMW into the clouds far away. It became very popular and loved and it’s no wonder why. Taking a good look at the Audi A3 shows you it really is all about quality and style. Reserved and distinct with a compact manufactured design it may be exactly what a lot of you are looking for. This is actually the first model to take on the technical supremo Hackenbergs ‘secret weapon’ and leaves the 7th generation VW Golf well behind with its newest version.

In the A3 Audi has used the MQB and is one of the first to do this and comes set with a power train packaging which means better crash performance and a shorter front overhang is delivered. The work that the MQB provides means that the money you have to spend is less which is excellent. Though it offers these benefits the negative point about this car is that the weight is 30kg more than it was back in 2003 weighing 1370kg. Then again this could be attributed to the increase in equipment levels. There are three engines to choose from for the Audi A3 and they are the 120 bhp TFSI petrol, the 178bhp 1.8 TFSI that is again a petrol version and the 2.0 litre engine that has 148bhp. There are also Audi diesel engines available but this would only come with a front wheel drive and a six speed manual gearbox.

This is nothing to complain about though it’s not as much variety. The good thing about the diesel is that it’s brand new and has many luxuries. It has belt driven and needle bearing and low friction camshafts. It also comes with twin balancer shafts and all of these benefits are designed to refine the Audi a3 even more. The Audi A3 engines economy is seven per cent better and comes with a higher bhp of 10. The interior of the car is quite good with a spacious boot of 365 litres. Designed with a clever split floor and big back seats even the bigger passengers can have a comfortable and easy ride. When it comes to the cabin it’s all excellence just as was expected from an Audi.

It has quality and class and the great thing is it looks over 20k and remains under it. Audi don’t move on from there design too quickly hence you will find it difficult to differentiate between an A1, A4 or A6 but this traditional styling hasn’t hindered Audis success. The Audi A3 is a smart head turner with remarkable interior styling. The cabin has plenty of kit and is designed exquisitely. All cars in the A3 range come equipped with stop-start, air-con, Bluetooth and 16-inch alloy wheels as standard. The top of the range S line versions add 180-inch alloy wheels and Xenon headlights. Audi A3 gives a comfortable ride, superb interior and is very luxurious and spacious.