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How We Save Money from Car Maintenance

As cars evolve in a need less frequent care, maintenance and replacement costs can also be a big lost in your wallet. But, you can make smart decisions in reducing budget on repairs and replacement. Find out more.

Maintenance can be costly. It is convenient and time consuming to schedule your car on maintenance but if you want to save money, there is a better way. This is by doing the upholding by yourself. There are many tips on saving money from car maintenance. Read more to know them.

Engine oil and filter

Replace the engine oil by yourself at minimum of 4 times year depending on the distance of your daily trip. If you don’t drive often, you can change the oil twice a year. Older cars are advised to change oil every 3000 miles, but manufacturers suggested 5000 miles or even up to 7500 miles between intervals. You … Read More

The Caliber: Chrysler’s Streak Of Hope

Drastic times calls for drastic measures. With the future of the Chrysler Group on the brink, all analysts agree that the best thing that could happen to the 3,600 workers at the DaimlerChrysler assembly plant is for their three models to become hits in the market. This may sound like a shot on the moon but its better to have one inconceivable plan than nothing.

According to John Wolknowicz, senior analyst at Massachusetts-based Global Automotive Group, the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass have been disappointments so far.

It is no secret that starting from the launching of the Compass all it has received were criticisms. The more rounded look that is far from the traditional boxy Jeep style has gained so much disapproval. On the other hand, where the Compass failed is where the Caliber excelled. The general feel of the Caliber was considered a successful new look in the … Read More

Avoid Major Accidents With The Help of Helmets

A lot of people oppose helmets on the grounds that they have practically no protection against major impacts for a head. They will believe that do not use helmets when driving a motor vehicle or walking down a sidewalk though we still our heads exposed, exactly why run out wear a helmet when washing dishes?

Indeed manufacturers of helmets seem marketing less protective products. During the past decade, consumer helmets have trended towards more holes for ventilation and smaller sleeker designs for style. These are, however, constructed with better insulating foams that absorb a greater portion of a direct impact and tougher outer shells that could withstand more stress.

Hence the question for you is, do i need to get a new fancy bike helmet?

Firstly, during an impact, your helmet was designed to do over you think that. The foam inside crushes if you hit the trail, cushioning the … Read More

Auto Repair Temp

If you’re like the majority of us, you need your vehicle .Your car or truck is a major purchase and makes getting around in your life a breeze. Like all equipment, however, the cars must be taken care of and in some cases repaired. Before something goes out on your automobile, it is sensible to find a technician beforehand. Whether it is a small repair like a radiator hose, or a major repair like a transmission repair/ replacement, you must make sure that when you look for a Tempe auto repair facility that you find a shop that may handle all your repair needs.

Many auto repair centers are capable of doing diagnostics and vehicle repairs, nonetheless, some of them have to send more complex jobs to another shop. Discovering what the shop can do as well as a lot of additional factors will settle if the shop you’re selecting … Read More

6 Simple Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips

Mahindra Bolero is a strong built MPV with great efficiency. Bolero can give you lifelong performance, if you are honest with its maintenance factors. Here some easy and result oriented Mahindra Bolero Maintenance tips have been stated.

Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips:

1. Engine Oil: While maintaining Bolero, engine oil is very important; always check the level of oil, when you notice Oil warning light is glowing. You can fill the oil to its level, with a high quality manufacturer recommended brand. The use of high quality will determine the engine life for longer period and good result above all.

2. Tires: Tires gets torn and worn after a particular period. Make a habit of ruling out any worn out signs like cracks, holes and all. It’s better to have a tire gauge to maintain tire pressure. Always ensure that you drive your Bolero with exact air pressure in the tires. … Read More