Avoiding Driving Fines And Points By Driving Safely

There are many drivers in the UK that have some form of driving conviction against their licence, this could be from a speeding ticket or running a red light but in more serious cases there could be drivers with convictions for drink driving and texting whilst driving. The vast majority of UK motorists have not knowingly done any of these and so will have a clean licence and all the perks that come with that which could include:

? Not having to pay fines
? Cheaper insurance premiums
? Better job prospects (some careers require a clean licence)

There are lots of ways to prevent getting fines and penalty points that people talk about, some of these are less than legal themselves. The main point to make clear is that the only true way to avoid these penalties is to make sure that you drive safely and make sure that you don?t develop any bad habits when driving.

Control your speed
The speed you drive at should be at or just under the speed limit of the road that you are driving on. You need to keep your wits about you as speed limits can change suddenly, quite often when speed cameras are lurking just around the corner. Don?t feel it?s ok to increase your speed when the roads are quiet as that isn?t an excuse. Another point to remember with speed limits is that you should make sure you are not driving too slowly; this could be just as dangerous as speeding under certain circumstances as other motorists may struggle to gauge your movements which could lead to some sort of accident.

Be aware of the road
When learning to drive we are encouraged to use our mirrors and to signal well before we change lanes or make a turning. After passing their driving tests many drivers forget this advice and develop bad habits over time and from other drivers. You need to make sure that you remain fully aware of your surroundings because if a car suddenly stopped in front of you, you would need to react quickly in order to avoid running into the back of them.

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