Bus Sales – People Want Actual Facts, Not Fluff

I’m so tired of seeing an interesting “Bus Sales” article title, only to discover later that the author was only writing “fluff.” Just a few paragraphs are written about no real facts or good opinions; only words strung together to form a 400-word story about nothing new or exciting. Just statements about bus sales that are already obvious to everyone, unless you’ve just crawled from under a rock where you’ve been for 50 years!

I mean everyone already knows that a Tour Bus is for carrying tourists, a Shuttle Bus is for shuttling people and a Church Bus is for moving church members. Moreover, guess what, a Mini Bus is a small bus!

My PR people told me that I needed to get some articles written to inform people about the ins and outs of Bus Sales to let people learn about my business, so I researched what others had written about reasonable japanese used bus and was amazed to see that they were all about nothing.

What happened is that some bus dealers were told the same thing that I was – get the word out! So they hired authors that were good writers, but knew nothing about Buses, except the obvious; they have wheels and carry groups of people from one place to another. So here come the articles about how you can buy a bus from a dealer or an individual. Wow, I never thought of that?

I ran into the same problem with my website, in the beginning, my so-called “webmaster” set up a website that made no sense at all for someone who wanted to buy a bus. The bottom line is the public is seeking information about buses for sale; they don’t want to read about what they and everyone else already knows, they want helpful facts about things they don’t know about Bus Sales so they can make an informed decision about buying a bus.

I believe that many bus dealers think that the less the public knows about buses for sale the easier it will be to make a bus sale. Of course, there are also bus dealers that feel their knowledge is too valuable to give away. Anyway, after considerable debate, I realized that the only way to do this properly would be to write my articles about New and Used Bus Sales, the truth about the facts of buses for sale that a buyer needs to know.

I will be writing a group of articles that will be of significant interests to all who are searching or even contemplating the purchase of a New or Used Bus for Sale. Imagine, Bus Sales Articles written by someone that is actually in the bus business, who knew!

The Author has mastered many critical positions in the Bus Industry over the years, from transportation and sales to the technician.