Car Paint Colors And The Choices We Make

With so many difficult decisions to be made in life, why add choosing the perfect car paint colors to the list? Though some could care less about this issue, many people take pride in their automobile and are very particular about color choices. To them, it is almost like a chef selecting the perfect pinch of the right seasoning to an already perfect steak. At this point, everyone is probably thinking to themselves, “Auto paint colors and steak? What do they have to do with each other?”

The answer is absolutely nothing. It is an analogy to give a general idea to subjects that people can relate to. The fact of the matter is that more people are faced every day with the decision of choosing a color for their car. If this is an issue being faced, following these simple guidelines can make this one less terror of a decision to have to worry about, starting with different types of auto paint.

Types of Auto Paint Colors

There are three basic types of auto paints, such as urethane, metallic, and acrylic. Depending on what someone is looking to do, would determine the type of paint one would want to use on their car.

Urethane paints are an affordable cover up paint for any automobile project. This type is known for going over almost any of other automotive paint colors already on a vehicle, and is made to last with no reaction and a faster drying time.

Metallic paints are what could be considered as the diva effect paints. They add a certain glittery shine and pizazz to an automobile. These paints go particularly well on any power vehicles such as muscle and sports cars and can increase the value when reselling the car.

Acrylic paints are the glossy, shell paints. These paints are easy to apply and very durable. Though they are durable, they are also known to chip off in chunks if damaged, rather than just getting the typical scratch.

What types of car colors a person wants to utilize can ultimately depend on what type of paint they will decide to use. Like paints for a house, certain colors and effects come with the territory of the choice.

Custom Paint Colors Reflect Personality

The basics of a custom paint job manifest into one simple concept. This concept is the perfect combination and blend. When choosing a custom paint job, finding the colors that will meld together respectively is the key. What does this mean?

The answer is both simple and thought provoking in one. Professionals will tell anyone that when choosing colors for a paint job, the perfect combination is colors that stand against each other noticeably and do not blend into one another to a point in which someone looking at the car cannot tell the difference in the colors.

For example, a red, orange, and yellow flame on top of a black base coat is a perfect combination. The design can be noticed with no issues or strain to the eyes. For instance, if the design is removed, the base color remains a solid reflection of personality and perfection, just as if it was bought from a car lot.

Following these guidelines will not give the perfect paint to any one person, but can be followed to steer them in the right direction. Choosing the type and color of automobile paint should not be a hassle. Many professionals out there specialize in this area and can give great advice. It is best to consult these specialists before beginning a project choosing different car paint colors.