Cars I Dream of Driving

These cars are normally the most expensive, most beautiful and probably the fastest cars out there. For me though, my dream cars are not as exotic and out of this world as most other guys. Mine is rather just the cars saw while growing up and fell in love with the moment I saw it.

Toyota Celica

Although production of these cars has stopped in 2006, I know that it must still be one of Toyota’s best looking cars ever. The Celica has a standard bodykit(not like the one in the above pic) that resembles a sexy and sporty side of Toyota who are largely known as the family vehicle kind of guys. This is definitely not one of the family cars that Toyota has made because with the 1.8 VVTLi engine under the hood you are sure to be putting your foot down on that accelerator on a regular basis. You will want to hear that engine roar. A 140kw in a super cool body is a good enough dream car for me.

Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is probably Toyota’s fastest road car ever made besides something like the GT1. It hosts a 3ltr, twin turbo engine that can take you from 0 – hair raising in just a few short seconds. It was used as the flagship car in the popular movie The Fast and Furious. The Supra is popular in Japan and commonly known as a street racing vehicle. These cars are very rare in my country but if somebody were to be driving one around here I can almost guarantee that they will be a racer. At 239kw of power who wouldn’t want to be taking on other cars in some racing at the local track.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Yes I did just say the R34. The newer model looks fantastic but this was my first love from the Nissan manufacturer. The Skyline is another powerful machine that will give you chills down your spin every time you give some throttle. Making over 246kw for the early models and being able to turn the later models to almost 340kw, just a few minor modifications to this car would give you a great racing machine. Nissan has the powerful DETT engine in this beast that will make sure people can hear you coming alone from way down the road. I don’t think this car is as sexy as the Celica but I think Nissan was going for the straight out sports look with this one.

I currently drive a Nissan SR20DE STi. Its nothing near to any of these great cars but its still a pretty good car from Nissan. The Celica is my first dream car and I would love to be driving one in the near future. One day if I own my own company that will be the company car everybody will have to use. Will be sure to install some fleet management and safety equipment on all of them to make sure they don’t get stolen or one of my staff members doesn’t decide to run off with them. You would also want to make sure that they arent driving around town rattling street furniture everywhere they go.