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Soar With The Mazda Mx-5

Bearing the symbol letter M like wings stretching to soar for the future, Mazda is envisioned to create new value, excite and delight to their customers through the best automotive products and services. Being the first automotive company to produce a car that can run on hydrogen fuel, the Japanese auto maker has also proven that it builds not just user-friendly cars but environment-friendly vehicles as well.

The company name which in Japanese language means ?wisdom? has likewise proven that in choosing cars, people smart enough will choose Mazda.

As of last year, Mazda has satisfied the great demands of people in countries like Japan, Europe, Australia, North and Latin America. The Hiroshima-based company expects to produce 1.25 million cars every year. Headed by Hisakazu Imaki, it had proven and still continues to prove itself of producing high technology and state of the art vehicles all over the globe.

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2008 Mazda 3 Review

A cut above the other compacts.

What’s new for the 2004 Mazda 3: All-new model.
What’s new for the 2005 Mazda 3: No changes.
What’s new for the 2006 Mazda 3: The smaller 2.0-liter engine gets a slight power boost courtesy of variable valve timing, while the bigger 2.3-liter engine upgrades to a 5-speed automatic transmission. The existing i and s models get divided further with new Sport, Touring and Grand Touring sub-models.
What’s new for the 2007 Mazda 3: All models get styling changes and a tire pressure monitor, while the interior adds an MP3 input jack and a rear seat center armrest. Stability control becomes a new option. A new addition to the line is the MazdaSpeed 3, with a turbocharged 263-horsepower engine, 6-speed manual transmission, and sport suspension.
What’s new for the 2008 Mazda 3: Side and side-curtain airbags are now standard on the s … Read More

The Whole Convertible Experience

Two doors. That?s the usual number of doors that a convertible has. In truth, a convertible is a car body style that has been a popular favorite among many car owners because of the style. This is mainly because a convertible has a folding or a retracting roof.

For most convertibles, the collapsible roof section is usually made from flexible canvas or vinyl. However, technology and changes in design have made it possible for car manufacturers to produce convertibles with a collapsible roof section that is made of plastic, aluminum, or steel. Keep in mind though that when the top of the vehicle is made from rigid material like steel, that vehicle is often called a retractable hardtop instead of it being called a convertible.

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Used Car Trade Values Vs. Trade Allowance

The most confusing part of purchasing a car at a dealership is dealing with your trade. It’s sometimes hard to get a valid response to the query, “What are you giving me for my trade-in?”

Most of the time, it?s not a scheme by the dealership to be mislead consumers. The reality is that the true value a dealer places in a trade in is much lower than customers want to hear.

Actual cash value and trade-in allowance are the major factors and mean completely different things most of the time. The number the customer sees is always trade allowance, and sometimes that number is also cash value. It is often, though.

Actual cash value (ACV) is nothing more than exactly what it says. It is the replacement cost for that particular vehicle. If the customer were to take their vehicle to a dealers? auto auction, the ACV will be … Read More

Transmission Repair Sacramento – Get The Best Repairing Service

Automotives are common machines which get affected vastly due to technical problems or breakdowns anytime. Transmission issue is the most everyday sort of technical issue encountered in vehicles and auto transmission repair in Sacramento specialists are capable of fixing these issues beyond the predicted capabilities.

The transmission repair in Sacramento provides instant solutions for your vehicle which in general can be very complicated as there are greater problems and malfunctions engaged in it. Hence, it is generally suggested to use the assistance of a knowledgeable expert who deals with transmission repair. He can tell you how to cope up with the most typical transmission repair in Sacramento or any other types of oil changing concern in your vehicles. After this the most common question that arises is how much will it cost for transmission repair? This is by far the frequently asked question. It’s very difficult to get the best … Read More