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6 Simple Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips

Mahindra Bolero is a strong built MPV with great efficiency. Bolero can give you lifelong performance, if you are honest with its maintenance factors. Here some easy and result oriented Mahindra Bolero Maintenance tips have been stated.

Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Tips:

1. Engine Oil: While maintaining Bolero, engine oil is very important; always check the level of oil, when you notice Oil warning light is glowing. You can fill the oil to its level, with a high quality manufacturer recommended brand. The use of high quality will determine the engine life for longer period and good result above all.

2. Tires: Tires gets torn and worn after a particular period. Make a habit of ruling out any worn out signs like cracks, holes and all. It’s better to have a tire gauge to maintain tire pressure. Always ensure that you drive your Bolero with exact air pressure in the tires. … Read More

What Are The Benefits of Aluminium Motors

Aluminium motors can be used for a variety of different purposes, from powering vehicles to small robotics applications. The versatile machines offer a variety of benefits as well as a few disadvantages. The lightweight material is often compared to other metals such as iron, but the properties of the materials vary greatly, resulting in machines optimised for different purposes. Iron is a tough and strong metal, and is therefore able to withstand extended wear and tear easily, whereas aluminium motors are much more lightweight and therefore easier to handle and transport.

These machines are available in much more rigid and stiff designs than compared to their iron counterparts, because the softer metal is able to withstand heavier stressing and bending through the course of its usage. This makes these machines very well suited to a variety of high pressure applications such as driving and industrial machinery. The machines have undergone … Read More

How to Replace The Clutch of Your Vehicle?

If you are mechanically inclined, then surely you can change a worn clutch easily. But if you are not that much mechanically inclined, then all you need is to learn the exact way of doing so. Clutch repair in working is not that easy but if you get to know the right procedure, then the task is not that hard. For performing the task, you will need a kit and most importantly the toolbox. Without a kit and toolbox, you can’t repair the clutch of your vehicle. Experts say that this is one of the minor and crucial repairing jobs to go through in terms of straightforwardness.

Steps to clutch repair

Clutch repair in working and Brake repair are quite similar; the procedure is a bit different. Before installing the new clutch, you will have to remove the old one. The steps that one should follow to replace the part … Read More

Worst Case Scenario How To Cope With a Blowout

‘Blowout’. It’s a funny word. Unarguably a noun, it means…

1a. A sudden rupture or bursting, as of car tyre.

1b. The hole made by such a rupture.

2. A sudden escape of a confined gas or liquid, as from a well.

3. Slang A large party or other social affair.

4. Informal A lopsided victory or thorough defeat.

Here, we are concerned with part 1a of the definition. Blowouts are less common than they used to be but the usual suspects cause them. These are under inflation, overloading, impact damage, structural damage or a big puncture.

You’ll notice that these factors have one thing in common. All cause or lead to a sudden loss of air pressure in the car tyre. The common denominator in any blowout is that it happens suddenly. The cause matters in that by taking care of your tyres means you can often avoid the … Read More

Gas Analyzer – A Must Have Device

Gas Analyzer comes in vast class & nearly every industry has its gas analyzer according to its own requirements & specifications. Here we will discuss about the car gas analyzer. So all the car fanatics out there get yourself ready for some exciting information on this topic.

This handy device is simply the greatest invention which saves a lot of time & money. Through this device the driver can get to know about the real problem the car is having, saving you from the diagnosis time-period. So before visiting the mechanic use this device, as from this the problem gets known & then tell the mechanic the problem. Instantly by doing this easy process you have saved your time that could spend over the diagnosis time period.

The device is the safest & is also error-free. It forecasts all possible problems that have occurred now & also forecasts the problems … Read More