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The Story Behind Ktm X- Bow

The KTM X-Bow, by just looking at this car, it is like you’re already floating in a dream, wishing that someday you’ll have your butt creating friction with the driver’s seat. The design is just like what you see on car-racing anime series. Looking from afar or by the picture, you will think that this just a model toy from Bey Blade cartoon series, sadly it’s not. But it is possible that the cars you see on animated shows will come into life, and the clear proof is the KTM X-Bow. Sports car enthusiast or not, you will definitely end up addicted with the appearance of this car.

KTM is the manufacturer of this sports car, an Austria-based company. The partnership with Kiska Design, Audi and Dallara made the creation possible. The stylish racing car was first revealed in 2007 but was only launched in 2008 and won the Car … Read More

Teen Traffic Deaths Increasing

The number of teen traffic deaths has increased. For years, the number has declined, but it has recently begun to increase. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of deaths of 16 and 17 year old drivers has increased 19{1fc9255f709716ff2a33289826fd726eed7cedf5137bb7feefe22a1bfbde604a}. Traffic deaths are a serious issue for teens. Traffic collisions are the number one cause of injury and death for American teens aged 15 through 20.

The study does not discuss the causes for the spike in traffic deaths. Experts speculate the spike could be caused by the improving economy. An improving economy usually means that there are more teen drivers on the road. Teenage drivers also have more distractions than ever before.

Many teens have mobile devices, mp3 players, laptops, and more. These are great electronic devices, but they can be incredibly distracting while someone is driving. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accident. Teens … Read More

Creative Cars

There are thousands of cars on Britain?s roads each year and many of them are just plain and boring. Many cars lack the ?va, va, vroom? that so many of us wish our car had. Secret crushes have always been the car from Dukes of Hazard and even Knight Rider, but we all don?t have the money needed to by vintage classics or sporty looking high performance cars. Having a unique car is pretty hard unless you have an endless amount of money. However there is something that we can do to make our cars stand out from the crowd.

Car wraps are not a new discovery. They have been used for many years usually by businesses to advertising there company on their vehicles. Many companies of all sizes use car graphics to advertise their business to a wider market. But these car graphics are so versatile and if you … Read More

Myriad Features Of Gm Cars

Variety in style, richness in features, excellence in handling, superb in performance ? these are few of the adjectives that are apt to describe GM cars. GM has a track record of manufacturing trucks and cars in sync with the latest technology developments and in preference to the people?s tastes. To know more about the company including its worldwide operations, you can visit the GM India corporate site. The Chevrolet brand is GM?s identity in India. This brand by GM hems in Spark, Optra, Aveo, Aveo U-VA, Cruze, Tavera, Captiva, and Beat. You can take a pictorial tour of each of these cars, know about the ex-showroom prices, send an enquiry for a test drive, read reviews posted by users, and more at the GM India corporate site.

The Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT has been deemed the family car; this five door low-budget hatchback can accommodate five people comfortably. The … Read More

Want To Buy A Cheap Car?

Want to buy your favorite car? Cheap and fast? Here you can find your favorite brand. Very cheap.

Conducting a car search often meant taking a drive around to the local dealerships in the area to see what they had to offer. Those looking for a used car simply had to open the classifieds to see what was out there, or they may have even spotted something for sale sitting along the edge of the road. There were also some used car lots, but they were not nearly as large or as numerous as the ones that offered new models. Either way, the search for a new or used car was always very local. That is, until the Internet came along.

I had never heard of an online car search until my dad did one to find his new truck. He was always wary of computers and the Internet in … Read More