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The Demise Of The American Muscle Car

It happened back in the 70’s, but the evidence was still there. It was the case of the disappearing horsepower and this is what happened.

In the era of the muscle car power was everything. It didn’t matter what it was, sports car, family car, pickup; it had the biggest V-8 possible stuffed under the hood. Cubic inches were king and advertised power was astronomical. These cars could kick sand in the windscreens of anything else on the road.

But then horsepower seemed to disappear overnight!

Take my favourite muscle car, the Ford Mustang. The macho models had V-8s, though meeker models came with an inline six. The biggest six had 200 cubic inches and 155 hp in 1969/70.

What did the V-8s punch out? The most powerful 351 gave 300 hp in 1970 and the 427 gave a massive 390 hp in 1968. But by 1973 the most powerful … Read More

Christmas Drink and Drive Risk

Why do these people think it okay to take these risks? Why would they think the alcohol they’ve consumed won’t make as much of an impact to their senses this time of year? And why is it worth more of a risk? Perhaps it’s still the inbuilt thought that this is a quiet time of year and there aren’t many Police around to catch you. This may have been true in the 60’s but it certainly isn’t now. All we know is hundreds of people, with a clean licence and law abiding history, will soon find themselves banned from driving for at least a year with a trail of destruction to reflect upon, be-it actual destruction or damage to people or property, or just to their lives as they count the cost of not being able to drive. On many occasions this will result in the loss of their jobs … Read More

Finding a Legitimate Florida Traffic School

If you are in the process of ensuring that you have all the necessary skills to be an ideal driver, then it will do you well to look for a Florida traffic school that you may enrol in. There are a lot of options that are available to you, all of which will be able to offer you the training that you need to further your skills. Here are some guidelines that you may use in finding a traffic school that will work well for you. With the following tricks, you should be able to enrol in an institution that will be most beneficial for you, and for just the right amount.

For one, make sure that you make a list of the different traffic schools that are in your immediate area. Include in your choices schools that are located in accessible places. See to it that you would not … Read More

Used Car for Sale – How do You Buy the Right One?

If you are planning to buy a vehicle for your family or for your personal use and if you do not have high budget it is recommended that you look out for used car for sale. There are many car buyers that look out for used cars in the market that can offer them the option to buy cars at a lower price. However, buying a used cars can be complicated mainly because there are many things that you need to look out for before you end up getting the right kind of deal.

When you are looking for used cars for sale it is better that you look out for local deals because you will need to take a good look at the used cars that you are buying. it inspection is very important when you want to buy used car for sale. Hence, if you are in Australia … Read More

Cyclists. Should They Be Insured

I think this is true also of uninsured cyclists. One day we will look back in bemusement at how they were allowed on our roads without insurance.. I spend a lot of time on the roads, covering on average 800 miles each and every week so I see a lot. There are many things that incense me with ignorant attitudes but here we are just concerning ourselves with the increasingly bad behaviour of cyclists.

I see many incidents every week and in my opinion it is a growing problem. Firstly, I lose count of how many times each week I am behind a cyclist with either myself or a learner at the wheel, perhaps even just about to overtake, and suddenly they swing out, sometimes as much as half a metre, to avoid a drain or a small hole without even the slightest look behind them to see who is … Read More