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Drunk Driving Deaths Still Rising

It’s an article you read about in your neighborhood paper almost every day. It’s something you see on your neighborhood news on television or hear about on the radio. Not a day appears to go by that you are not told about an unneeded death occurring. Very often, a DWI or DUI is the cause of these happenings. If you find yourself involved in one of these drunk driving occurrences, you will undoubtedly require a dui lawyer to help you out of this problem.

The number of individuals that are killed each year because of drunk drivers is staggering. Over forty percent of all fatalities in motor vehicle accidents are related to alcohol use. Many estimates state that someone is injured or killed in a car accident where alcohol is involved every 2 minutes.

There are even more statistics that are eye-opening. It is thought that more than one-third of … Read More

Captiva?s On Its Way To Hold Interest

Chevrolet has recently launched its brand new masterpiece by the name Captiva to the British market. The car was displayed at the British International Motor Show to continue its heritage as the American automaker that leads new options for the industry.

During said motor show, Chevrolet pulled the covers off its new car to display to British territory its new pride that can bring suburban driving experience to a new level. Enthusiasts say Chevrolet Captiva is true to its name. It is a good looking vehicle with a wide model range and a great diesel engine.

Captiva is Chevrolet?s first 4×4 car. Its platform is based on Theta platform of General Motors which will also be used by Vauxhall Antara. Captiva?s design is not so outlandish nonetheless it comes with a sleek and modern look. According to Chevy?s designers, every angle speaks of fresh style which is a product of … Read More

Detroit?s Big Three Try Harder To Win Over Customers

Never before have consumers been courted by Detroit?s automakers the way the latter are doing now. The industry that has been long dominated by Detroit?s Big Three – General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG’s Chrysler Group – is threatened by the dominion of foreign automakers. This is the reason why Detroit?s automakers are doing their best to win over customers being wooed by foreign rivals.

The competition is so hard-hitting that the financial turmoil engulfing Detroit?s Big Three is made obvious to all. The bright side of the quandary is that auto customers find themselves in a situation where they are deluged with smart alternatives that are tailored to satisfy their individual needs. The consumer-minded strategy is announced at the Chicago Auto Show. In said the show, automakers have announced the some strategies like letting potential customers to test drive the car from their home.

Fresh techniques … Read More

Tire Pressure Faux Pa Forces Altima Recall

Authorities are recalling approximately 123,308 model year 2013 Nissan Altima vehicles. A pressure regulator over- or under inflated spare tires for five days at the manufacturing plant, thus resulting in improperly inflated tires.

Those sedans manufactured from March 21-26 are being recalled after the tire inflating faux pa at the plant. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that the recall will begin on May 3 and owners of the affected vehicles should expect to see a notice from the manufacturer. Owners who did not receive a notice from the manufacturers should contact their dealership or the automobile maker directly for further information. Also, the federal safety organization encourages owners who have other problems regarding this recall to go ahead and give them call.

NHTSA stated that those who received the notice should go to their local Nissan dealer who will check the tire pressure and correct it if necessary. Owners … Read More

How Can a Defensive Driving Online Texas Course Help Keep Insurance Costs Low

Car insurance can be a significant financial burden, but it is a necessary one, as Texas law requires all drivers to be insured. For most people, trying to keep their annual car insurance costs as low as possible is an important goal. It is also a goal that a defensive driving online Texas course can help to achieve.

Your Insurance and a Defensive Driving Online Texas Course

Car insurance rates are determined based on a number of different factors including the kind of car you drive, whether you are married or single, whether you are male or female, where you live, how long you have been driving and how often you drive. Many of these things are outside of your control and cannot easily be changed.

However, one of the single most important factors in determining your car insurance cost is the insurance companies assessment of the risk that you … Read More