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Driving Lessons Coventry

Do you dread your driving test? Are you not satisfied with your current driving lessons? Unable to find a reliable driving instructor? Do you find your driving lessons difficult to follow? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. We will be able to provide you with the best solution. You will never again look for another driving school in Coventry.

We take pride in being one of the top driving schools in Coventry. Our driving lessons in Coventry are tailored to suit individual’s specific needs. We are keen in producing responsible drivers who understand the dynamics of driving fully. When you are starting afresh with your driving lessons, you are likely to have a lot of apprehensions as well as lot of questions and you will need a friendly and patient driving instructor who knows his or her trade so … Read More

Personality And Aggressive Driving Tying up The Two

A new study finds people considering cars as reflections of themselves are most likely to drive assertively.

Temple University Fox School of Business professor comprehensively observed how aggressive driving behaviors result from personality, values and attitudes of the driver in his study – “Aggressive Driving: A Consumption Experience.”

One of the most common consumptive behaviors is driving, and insistent driving causes two thirds of fatal accidents in US and a third of all accidents that involve personal injuries.

Ayalla Ruvio, a lead author and an assistant professor of Philadelphia University realizes that the study explains the phenomenon people are aware of for practically, men can be more unreceptive drivers who tend to see their cars as an extension of themselves more than women.”

The Journal of Psychology & Marketing published Ruvio’s article online about consumers’ behavior regarding the importance of their cars to them featuring two studies done in Israel. … Read More

Looking For Nissan Parts?

Does your Nissan car need repairs? Well wouldn?t you consider buying Nissan parts for your repairs? If you said ?yes?, that?s because Nissan has always given us good quality parts in any of their vehicles. So naturally, we?d want to give our cars quality parts if they needed to be repaired.

All the Nissan parts that are in the vehicle play a big part in the cars appearance and the way it operates. That?s why if you are going to repair the vehicle you should use authentic Nissan parts. So you can keep the quality and performance of your car.

Without using quality Nissan parts, the performance of Nissan cars would not be the same. If you own a Nissan car that needs repair you should take it somewhere that offers Nissan parts. You can go to a Nissan dealer, but their might not always be one in you?re area, … Read More

How To Paint Plastic Car Parts

We tackle the most common fix in the industry. You know when you see those ugly faded plastic bumpers right? Well, we’re going to show you how to paint plastic car parts so you can make your project look a LOT better!There are 3 ways to fix this kind of eye sore.

1. You can try to scrub them with some car soap or degreaser and wash the oxidation off.

2. You can buy a solution they sell (like a basic rubbing compound) which works well, and just rub it out. Some ppl use peanut butter! I personally think that’s a little wacky but whatever floats your boat. I’d rather use come compound. the same compound that you’d use to buff your car.

3. If the bumper really looks bad (Paint It!).

That’s what we’ve decided to do in the 7 minute video above.

Keep in mind that this job … Read More

Chinese Cars: Arrival Delayed!

Over the past year, much has been written about various Chinese automakers and the pending introduction of their vehicles to the U.S. market. Manufacturers such as Chery and Geely have been mentioned most frequently with a few smaller automakers also receiving some press. Originally, it appeared that both manufacturers would import their vehicles some time around the summer of 2007, but that now appears unlikely as several current models have already failed preliminary U.S. safety tests. Regardless, before 2009 hits, at least two Chinese manufacturers will likely be importing cars to the U.S. and at prices starting as low as $8500!

Yes, all that talk of $6600 cars from China have evaporated. Many auto enthusiasts, including yours truly, had been passing around information about cheaply priced, cheaply built cars coming from China that would retail below $7000, some $3000 cheaper than any model now sold in the U.S. Dire predictions … Read More