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Automotive And Engineering Parts Manufacturers in India

Automotive and engineering parts manufacturers from India are offering services to clients overseas. It is done to encourage the interests of overseas buyers with the intention of purchasing a variety of components from India. Working in sync with the customer’s requirements and expectations is resulting in an increasing demand of suppliers of automotive and engineering products from India.

For all those who are looking for Indian exporter of car parts there is a range of things to look out for. An oversea customer always finds a risk in buying any car parts from other countries, but there are many companies in India that provides value for money supply after auditing the products for its quality thoroughly. For a machine tool industry, which rely on their products on a supplier it’s important they source them from a trustworthy supplier.

The overseas clients are also seeking a manufacturer of plastic products in … Read More

Saab Sonett Alive For Fifty Years

The Saab Sonett has recently celebrated its fifty years of existence in the industry. If there are plenty of vehicles out there are trying to stay alive for a really long, there are only a few who have been able to achieve it. Some only live for a decade. Some only live for twenty good years. Only a few make it to thirty and even forty. But the Saab Sonett bested everybody else by still being on the move even at the ripe age of fifty.

Its name is quite unique. But the name is just right for a really unique vehicle that holds the best kind of uniquely crafted Saab parts. You see, this sports car had actually taken its name right out of an expression in Sweden, ?s? n?tt.? Now, ?s? n?tt? when translated to English means ?so neat?. And this should be one characteristic that you should … Read More

Ford & Microsoft: Bringing Together The Sync

It is not so unusual anymore to find portable media players and mobile phones in one vehicle. Perhaps one could even say that such portable gadgets are already quite as popular in use as Magnaflow auto parts. And because of the popularity of these portable and digital gadgets, the Ford Motor Company has joined forces with Microsoft so as to bring the market the Sync. Ford says that the Sync would be a system for the vehicle that would give people a new kind of experience when it comes to using music players and mobile phones.

What is different about the Sync is that this in-car entertainment and communications system is far different from all other systems one can find in the market. This can be used by a vehicle owner as long as they have it installed in the factory first. This system cannot be purchased just anywhere and … Read More

Volvo Reveals S40, V50 Facelifts

Volvo Cars set forth a number of distinctive facelifts made to the new S40 sedan and the V50 wagon. The modifications are made to respond to the growing needs of drivers and car occupants alike. The Volvo S40 is given cues that resemble the S-range look shown on the S80 car. The V50, on the other hand, flaunts the new V-range without compromising the original compact and sporty features.

“When it comes to the exterior, we’re aiming for increased differentiation between the two models. The interior refinements have focused on liberating smart storage space,” said Volvo Cars Design Director Steve Mattin.

The facelift made to the new S40 could be obviously seen when it is viewed from the front. Volvo?s pool of engineers and designers have given the car new headlamps, color-coordinated soft nose creates a broader, lower stance through the new grille with a larger Volvo mark, and a … Read More

Why Use High Torque Band Clamps

When you have a new exhaust system, you expect the best out of it in terms of performance, and functionality. This effect is contributed to by the way your exhaust pipes are interconnected such that there are minimum leakages. Band clamps are ideal for these functions for the following reasons.

Fast and easy

Holding your exhaust system using band clamps is easy, the installation and removal time of your exhaust system is cut down. These are semi permanent, you can always remove them with ease when need arises.

Tight seal

Unlike U clamps and flat band clamps, high torque clamps offer a tighter seal that will hold for longer and have no leaks. They seal in such a way that they do not deform the pipe hence the free flow of exhaust. Once bolted, they remain tight. Leakages affected the performance of your vehicle as they make the exhaust not … Read More