Choose Private Garages For a Cost-effective Servicing

When you buy any vehicle, the dealer gives you a number of freebies like dashboard decors, fresheners and free servicing and repair facility for the first few months. It is always considered wise to choose a dealer which offers the best package of services along with your car as it helps you get the best value for your investment. But after the free maintenance and check-up sessions are over, they charge heavy amount on services and repairs. Also the dealers are notorious for imposing a variety of mandatory inspections and auto parts replacement which might not actually be necessary. They loot a large sum from their customers under the tag of company policies and compulsory procedures.

The dealers take an advantage of the common myth that is prevailing. The drivers believe that they will lose out on vehicle warranty if they take their car to any other garage. While the dealers publicize the notion for their own profits, it is not true. There is a European Law called Block Exemption Regulation which eliminates the restriction of getting your car serviced only at the garages run by dealers. This means you can opt for auto services at any authorized repairing center across the UK without affecting the warranty of your vehicle. While the dealers produce huge bills, the local garages offer highly effective automobile maintenance at really affordable prices. There are a number of such garages operating in Leeds and other parts of the UK.

Although these are less on cost, it is important that you select a reliable center for effective servicing. Following are a few tips to help you decide the best garage for your vehicle.

Apart from these, you can always expect some really amazing facilities like shutter buses and telephonic or online booking for servicing etc. for additional comfort and convenience. Many garages in Leeds also offer a Wi-Fi enabled comfortable waiting area to their customers.

Whether you consider the effectiveness of job or the comfort offered, private service centers are a far better option compared to dealer garages. With introduction of Block Exemption Regulation, you can now switch your dealer for private servicing garages and still be assured of the warranty of you vehicle.