Christmas Drink and Drive Risk

Why do these people think it okay to take these risks? Why would they think the alcohol they’ve consumed won’t make as much of an impact to their senses this time of year? And why is it worth more of a risk? Perhaps it’s still the inbuilt thought that this is a quiet time of year and there aren’t many Police around to catch you. This may have been true in the 60’s but it certainly isn’t now. All we know is hundreds of people, with a clean licence and law abiding history, will soon find themselves banned from driving for at least a year with a trail of destruction to reflect upon, be-it actual destruction or damage to people or property, or just to their lives as they count the cost of not being able to drive. On many occasions this will result in the loss of their jobs and a family life left in taters.

Drinking alcohol will make your reactions far slower than normal. Most of us have been drunk at some point and can relate to this, but imagine being in control of a fast moving machine at the same time? You won’t be able to see as much as normal, both your peripheral vision and what you see in the distance will be affected hugely.

Is it really worth it? Lets have a look at the four possible implications.

Does this sound appealing to you?!

It’s easy for the Police to spot a drink driver, and they only have to suspect you may be over the limit to require a roadside breath test.

There are many other options when on a night out. Simply don’t take your car if you feel like you might like a drink. If public transport is an annoyance to you like it is for me, then don’t drink and take your car. You don’t have to have a drink to have a good night and at the end of it you have an easy route home.

Remember too, if you have a fair amount to drink during the night, it will still be in your system in the morning. Just because you’ve been asleep and the night before has all but been forgotten it doesn’t mean you can drive. After all it will probably still only be a few hours since you had that last drink.

Jason Vines

Vines Driving School