Common Problems And Solutions – Car Upkeeping

1) the engine won’t start

Every morning, when you sit in the car to start off, but found the engine can’t start, it is an chagrin. But sometimes, when the engine won’t start, just because a few small problems cause, if know these reasons, we can solve the problem as soon as possible.

First to check the spark plug, such as the high tension line, distributor in the rain, because the car is damp, if this is so, can put the damp parts to dry, then start.

Next, check the spark plug for damage, if damaged, as long as a replacement for new fire can be stopped.

Third, check the battery voltage is enough. Sometimes, parking forget to turn off the lights, time grew, may run out of power. If so, the car hang second, stamped on the clutch, transport drag, when driving to a certain speed, loosen the clutch, turned the ignition switch, the car can natural start, if the battery is a problem, and it can’t work.

2) when shift engine flameout

Moving in shift, if specifications, but appear flameout phenomenon, need to check the following questions:

First look at whether stable idle, idle speed is too low, if the idle instability or idle speed is low, as long as the idle speed adjustment to the normal speed can be. Even the idle stop valve tight, plug tight.

Second, if the idle normal, likely is oil and gas separator be blocked, need professional repair station cleaning oil and gas separator.

3) a high speed with the steering wheel

Cars in traffic or on a high speed road appear driving instability, place a head, even the steering wheel jitter, appear this kind of circumstance of the reasons are as follows:

1, front wheel position deviation Angle, former bunch of too big.

2, former tyre pressure is too low or due to reasons such as tyre repair starting imbalance.

3 and former spokes deformation or tire bolt any number.

4, transmission system parts installation is loose.

5, the drive shaft, bending, power imbalance, front axle deformation.

6, shock absorber fault

High speed vibration place to have two kinds of cases, one is the speed with a strong vibration increase gradually, 2 it is in a high speed appears a vibration, and cause a steering wheel wobble. Can build up first drive axle, front wheel stoppering of safety plug, start the engine and gradually change into high gear, and make the drive wheels will try to shimmy speed. If the body and the steering wheel at this time all appear dithering, is caused by the transmission system vibration put. Because the front wheel front axle dormant, try to end if a vibration velocity, the car does not appear jitter, the vibration of a reason is part of the car front axle existence fault; Check the front wheel each positioning Angle and former beam is in accordance with the requirements, such as deviation should be adjusted; Up front axle try turning wheel, check the wheel of dynamic balance and tyre are deformation is too large. When necessary for good wheels contrast test; Check whether the front axle, frame, deformation, check whether transmission shaft bending, conditional when should do transmission shaft dynamic balance.

4) to heavy

Steering heavy causes more, but often have the following:

A, the tyre pressure is insufficient, especially the front air pressure is insufficient, turned to will be difficult.

Second, power steering fluid is insufficient, need to add power steering fluid.

Three, to front wheel position, need to undertake four-wheel location detection.

5) road running deviation

Check the running deviation, general is in the road, adjust the steering wheel, then let go of steering wheel drive, and see if the car walk a straight line. If don’t walk a straight line, is running deviation.

First wandering around may be because the tyre pressure caused by the disagreement of the, need to give the shortage of the tyre.

Next is probably no front wheel position. Front wheel, camber Angle, king pin angles or king pin an internal Angle differ, former beam is too small or negative before running deviation of cause, must go to professional pit detection.

6) road car had a flat tire

The highway driving tire suddenly blowout, will make the vehicle gravely deviates from driving direction and body tilt. In fact, in many because of the tire caused the traffic accident, if is left front wheel vehicle tire to create vehicle crash barrier out of control and hit the right side is often barrier, and vice versa. Experts say, this is because vehicles in a flat tire for child diameter and the friction coefficient is different, the vehicle to track the performance will turn to the direction of the tire, namely explosion left front wheel left partial, explode to starboard front-right wheel failure; And the driver in the correct direction play, pointing to performance reflected in the vehicle has flat tire is a slow sex, together with the panic caused by flat tire, often cause excessive correct, and human aggravate vehicles out of control, the left front wheel instead of hitting the right tire barrier, and even a continuous repeatedly crash barrier around of the phenomenon.

It is not only in the situation, even in low speed road, flat tire caused the deadly consequences. Deal with flat tire is the proper way to accident, if meet in the driving car tire happens, the first to grip the wheel, no matter which head to head wide, give a fixed corrective Angle (and your actual speed about) and hard to keep; And don’t take emergency brake, let the slowdown in the control behavior master by the process and try to keep the original driving track, avoid by all means is urgent playing correct direction.

If after is tire, car tail will have irregular intense swing. The driver should both hands on the steering wheel, use DianCha, so that the focus of the car moved forward, tires also not lock, make as far as possible in the front tyre stress, reduce the tyres burst after the load of bear, the slow to stop.

If is the front tire, the driver to try to control the steering wheel with both hands, if car greatly to the left or right, can immediately correct. At the same time to relax throttle, at this moment if on the brakes, very easy to produce the horizontal slide, more serious deviation direction or tumbling