Detailing Your Car? Don’t Forget The Tires

We can all learn from car enthusiasts who show their vehicles competitively. They know that the final finishing details can make all the difference, in appearance as well as prizes. And that�s why they always take a few minutes to ensure the glass is streak free, there�s no surface dust or lint, and the tires are clean and shined.

There is more to tire care than just cleaning. Sure, when you wash your car, you may spray down the tires with the hose. Next time, instead of leaving it at that, why not take a little more time to make your tires look like new?

Before you rush out to your local auto supply store, you should know that not all tire care products are created equal. Many products on the market require users to spray them on, wait until the formula runs, drips, or foams, and then wipe the product all over the tires.

But there is an easier way. More Shine from Stoner, the car care experts, is an easy-to-use aerosol spray that provides a long-lasting shine. The proprietary high-active formula gives tires a deep, dark, showroom look with an even gloss. Because you just spray and go, you can shine four car tires in 60 seconds. Use one coat for a satin finish, two coats for a high gloss shine.

Many tire coating products drip or foam, leaving a mess in your driveway and streaks on your tires. More Shine�s wipe-free aerosol technology eliminates puddles in the driveway, as well as wiping, rubbing, messy rags and dirty hands. While the ingredients in some tire shine products can actually attract dust and dirt, More Shine repels water and waterborne dirt. One application lasts for weeks, since More Shine doesn�t contain water or surfactants (soaps) that evaporate and wash off easily in the rain.

H. Seymour of Seattle, says, �Needless to say it rains here . . . lots. Unlike the auto store tire sprays that wash off with the first road wetness, More Shine really lasts. What�s more, it gives my tires a real �new tire� look and not some shiny, plastic, tacky look like other sprays.�

Stoner has been developing and manufacturing car care products for professionals for more than 25 years. Now consumers can get the same high-quality results demanded by detailing professionals, show car collectors and finicky auto enthusiasts.

So the next time you wash your car, don�t forget to shine the tires while you�re at it. After all, you wouldn�t dress up for a wedding in a tuxedo, and then wear tennis shoes. Why only dress your car halfway?