Drunk Driving Deaths Still Rising

It’s an article you read about in your neighborhood paper almost every day. It’s something you see on your neighborhood news on television or hear about on the radio. Not a day appears to go by that you are not told about an unneeded death occurring. Very often, a DWI or DUI is the cause of these happenings. If you find yourself involved in one of these drunk driving occurrences, you will undoubtedly require a dui lawyer to help you out of this problem.

The number of individuals that are killed each year because of drunk drivers is staggering. Over forty percent of all fatalities in motor vehicle accidents are related to alcohol use. Many estimates state that someone is injured or killed in a car accident where alcohol is involved every 2 minutes.

There are even more statistics that are eye-opening. It is thought that more than one-third of all traffic accidents that result in a death involve somebody driving a vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over the legal limit. In all states, the legal limit is set at 0.08 percent.

According to the current information available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011, the number of Americans killed every day in a drunk driving accident was twenty-eight. Doing the math involved, this comes out to over 10 thousand people every year that die in a crash. They additionally state that on average, one of every 3 people will be involved in some sort of alcohol-related crash in their life-time.

The numbers involving kids are also saddening. In 2011, there were two hundred and eleven kids killed in accidents involving alcohol. From that total, over sixty percent of them were in the automobile with the drunk driver.

When reading about all the numbers involved, you can easily see that in the United States, one person every hour is killed in an alcohol-related crash. Even more people die in a vehicle crash every year than any other kind of accident, and nearly one-third of all of these involve drinking and driving. The totals involved are startling.

Finding yourself involved in an episode such as this can be frustrating. A dui is a major crime. Turning to a dui attorney throughout this great time of need can be a huge help to you. They can easily help you sort out all the facts and options available and work with you towards a resolution.