Ferrari Present At Geneva Auto Show

The ongoing 2007 Geneva International Auto Show is hosting the unveiling of vehicles of every design and from various brands. Car makers look forward to showcasing their vehicles on one of Europe?s most prestigious international motor shows. Of course, the most popular car makers are present at the said event. This is because the event is a good place for car manufacturers to show off their wares to auto experts, prospective customers and also to the general public.

Ferrari, one of the most revered names in the automotive industry, did not pass up the chance to show off their vehicles at the said event. This year, the Italian sports car manufacturer brought their Spider, Scagliettis, and the Fiorano at the motor show.

The Spider that the car manufacturer brought to the Geneva Auto Show is the Ferrari F430 Spider along with the F430 version. These two cars embody the thoroughbred sporty side that Ferrari is quite famous for. The sports cars were designed using F1 technology. And if you know how Ferrari F1 cars perform, then you have an idea what its like to be behind the wheel of these pure sports cars.

In addition to the F430 and the F430 Spider, Ferrari also shows off their two new 612 Scagliettis, both of which show the penchant of the Italian car maker in designing and constructing grand touring vehicles. These two GT vehicles are available to those who can afford it in ten different colors – all of which have been used by some of the legendary Ferrari cars of the past.

Ferrari also unveiled their newest offering to performance enthusiasts – the GTB Fiorano. This car is the centerpiece of Ferrari?s show at the event. The car seems to be the missing link between the sports cars and the touring cars since it has been endowed with the best of the two worlds.

In keeping with the Ferrari tradition of providing unique cars to their clients, they have created a personalization program. The Ferrari F430 and the F430 Spider can be configured to suit the taste of its owner.

To make this possible, Ferrari developed the most advanced car configurator in the world. With the use of the configurator, customers can make their own adjustments on the Ferrari of their choice, thus giving them the chance to make their Ferrari a truly unique vehicle. Since the configurator is the most complete and most advanced of its kind, there is an almost infinite numbers of which customers can configure their car. Not only can the interior of the cars be requested to be change but the exterior can be changed too.

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti on the other hand can come in ten different colors depending on the customer?s choice. The ten historic colors which have been used previously on Ferrari cars which have been made available as announced at the Geneva Auto Show are: Avorio, Vinaccia, Celeste, Avio, Azzurro, Blu Scozia, Verde Abetone, Grigio Ferro, Grigio Medio, and Grigio Scuro. Aside from using the configurator to make Scagliettis more unique, the wide range of color selection offers Ferrari owners the uniqueness they are looking for. This range of colors is hard to find on any mass produced vehicles this day, even the wide selection of Nissan brake rotors pales in comparison to the color selection for the Scaglietti.

Aside from unveiling the GTB Fiorano and the re-introduction of the ten historic colors are not the only news to come out of Ferrari?s garage. The Italian car maker has also used the Geneva Auto Show as a backdrop for the launch of their Ferrari Financial Services. This step is in part due to the increasing demand from their customers all over the world for a financial solution which will make owning a Ferrari as cost-effective and simple as possible.