Ford & Microsoft: Bringing Together The Sync

It is not so unusual anymore to find portable media players and mobile phones in one vehicle. Perhaps one could even say that such portable gadgets are already quite as popular in use as Magnaflow auto parts. And because of the popularity of these portable and digital gadgets, the Ford Motor Company has joined forces with Microsoft so as to bring the market the Sync. Ford says that the Sync would be a system for the vehicle that would give people a new kind of experience when it comes to using music players and mobile phones.

What is different about the Sync is that this in-car entertainment and communications system is far different from all other systems one can find in the market. This can be used by a vehicle owner as long as they have it installed in the factory first. This system cannot be purchased just anywhere and installed by anyone. You can use it through voice commands and you can operate it without having to use your hands.

If you think that this new Sync is only going to bring about headaches for car owners and drivers, then think again. You see, Ford and Microsoft has created the Sync so much so that it would be easy to use. Plus, they also made sure that this system could be used for all other portable devices and gadgets one can find in the market today. Now if this is not something you would want for your vehicle, then I surely do not know what should be.

Derrick Kuzak is the group vice president of Ford?s product development team and he shares, ?Sync is what today generation and today’s driver?s demand in connectivity. Not only does it offer hands-free phone operation and iPod(R), Zune or MP3 player connectivity, it’s built on a software platform that is upgradeable and will allow us to offer new features by simply upgrading the software.?