Forklift Licenses And Where to Get a Forklift License

You may be wondering where you get forklift licenses, since forklift certification is an emerging thing. But forklift operators are in demand. So a lot of people already employed as industrial workers are trying to acquire licenses in order to upgrade their recognised skills, which often results in a pay-rise and/or promotion.

Many companies want to hire, or favour people who can already drive a forklift and hold a license. So if you’re already able to operate a forklift, it can often be easier for you when applying for a job.

From a business owners viewpoint, having multiple well-trained people covers you if someone goes sick, because there are replacements for them. However it’s often necessary, and a worthwhile investment to train existing employees too.

There are a few things you should consider when it comes to acquiring a forklift license, whether you are doing it yourself, or sending staff away to be trained. And it helps to be aware of the regulations you need to meet in order to qualify yourself or your employees for a license. In Australia you can find these at

Steps in getting the license

1) Per Workcover NSW you must be eighteen years old in order to be allowed to take the course and get a license. And all the programs you may go through must be approved by OSHA so that you can receive the certification at the end. If your training is approved by OSHA, it means that you have all the knowledge needed and that you have learnt the content in detail.

2) Find a reputable organization offering a forklift training program. The easiest way these days is by searching around on Google. Your employer might consider taking you for the training and you can therefore be able to acquire the license.

3) After you’ve completed the training you’ll need to take an exam provided by a Registered Training Organisation ( RTO ). Often these are the same as the training company. Of course, the exam tests what was covered in the course and a lot of the questions relate to forklift safety. The main aim is to gauge whether you have the necessary skills to solve the sorts of problems that come up when operating a forklift. You’ll also need to take a practical test, which can be done at the RTO or on field. There are options that allow employers to have their staff examined on site.

Another thing to know is that there are both electric and gas forklifts, so being able operate both is handy. When you decide to get a forklift license for yourself or for employees, it may take a bit of organising, but the actual process of training and exam only takes two or 3 days.