Hot Tips For Buying The Dream Used Car!

Recession is nothing but postponing your strategy for purchasing your wish list for better sunny days. The slump is here & it?s going to stay for a while now. Why wait to buy your dream car when you can make it happen ?now? with used cars. Now ?Used? is not a word we have a high regard for as we all want to be proud owners of new objects. But the panorama of buying a used car has a lot many benefits including prices that fit your pocket starting surprisingly affordable prices.

If you want to buy a car for a few months and not willing to spend lakhs than a used car can come to your rescue. There has been a lot written about what you need to do to buy a used car. This section, nevertheless, will tell you the top 5 tips for buying a used car in 2009 regardless of your credit position.

Tip One: What?s Your Budget Chidambaram?

Before you start your search for the best used cars , spend time considering factors such as your daily travelling time, Do you take regular outdoor trips or do will you use your car only occasionally for you weekend trips. It is important to know what you require & accordingly plan to buy a used car.

Tip Two: ?Old is Gold?

Old is the ?old? is your old car. Does it have a warranty extension, maintenance & repair costs. Your best stake is to look for something almost new ? a car two years old or younger. Buying a in your prime car (3-5 years old) that has been treated well by its owner could be a great buy. Cars that have logged 14,000-18,000km a year are prime buys.

Tip Three: How Much Should I spend?

Do some research on the new version of the old car that you are purchasing? You can take a price Evaluation to the approximate value of the used car that you plan to purchase.

Tip Four: Take A Test Drive Dude

The test-drive is, certainly, an indispensable part of the process. Test-drive the car on different types of roads. Make sure the engine gives a good start right away & there are no unusual noises or vibrations. Look out for a shaky steering, it could mean future prospective trouble. Test the brakes for signs of pulling. Check if the seats are comfortable & not worn out. Additional features like the music system, Air Conditioning, Wiper & the engine should also be checked.

Tip Five: Take An Expert?s Advice:

Before paying that one good amount spend a few hundreds on a professional mechanic who will inspect the user car before you pay up from you kitty. This way you get a sound professional advice & peace of mind. Also ask for the legal documents of the car & the registration number. You don?t want to end up being caught by the cops for buying stolen car!