How Brake Bleeding Works

Braking is the most useful and most dynamic system inside the vehicle. It stopped the vehicle from high speed. For the satisfactory performance of the braking system, it is always required to keep it in good working condition. It requires many types of maintenance like changing of brake pad (it is sometimes very hard to remove Acura Disc Brake Pad), brake shoe and rotor, brake bleeding after replacing the parts. Brake Bleeding is the procedure carries out on hydraulic braking systems to remove any air bubbles presents inside the system. As we know that air is compressible and brake fluid is an incompressible fluid and when both these combines in one unit, it reduces the braking efficiency greatly. So it is always necessary to remove the air bubble from the hydraulic system.

In order to carry out the bleeding process, a pump is used to force the clean air through the system starting from the master cylinder to the calipers or calipers to master cylinder. The air force from the pump removes the air bubbles from the hydraulic oil.

Now the obvious question arise in your mind that when this air bubble gets inside the car? The reason behind this question is very simple, when you open any of your assembly like Brake pad, Brake caliper, Brake master cylinder; it comes in contact with the air and from there air chooses its way to get into the system. This small looking process makes braking system and thereby your vehicles blind completely. So whenever you open any of your brake part assembly, does not forgot to bleed the brake. The simple procedure for bleeding the brake is shown below, follow the steps and keep your vehicle in a very good working condition.

How to bleed Brakes: