How to Avoid Getting Towed

You have a brand new car and you love driving it around, showing off your wheels to your friends and others who happen to notice you driving. One day, you are in a hurry and need to park your car quickly, but there are no parking spots immediately available. Well, there are no parking spots where you can legally park, but there is that row of handicap parking spots that looks ever more tempting the more you drive by them.

Finally, you make the decision to park in one of the forbidden spots because you are about to be late. You run inside and say a quick prayer in hopes that you will not be ticketed. But when you come back outside, your car is nowhere to be found! It is clear that you are either the victim of car theft or car towing, and neither of these thoughts are very comforting to you. When you head back inside to start making some calls, you run into someone who tells you your car was towed a few minutes ago.

If this scenario, or something similar, has happened to you before, take heart in knowing that you are not alone. Many people get their cars towed on a daily basis, and some people have the misfortune of being towed more than once in their lives. Of course, it should definitely be pointed out that if you follow the laws regarding parking, you are much less likely to be towed.

However, sometimes there is no way to avoid parking somewhere that is not an actual parking spot, especially if you are desperate or running late or you are in the middle of an emergency situation. If that is the case, try taking some precautions to help you avoid getting towed. While there is no foolproof method, you can at least make it difficult for tow trucks to take your car, and this might buy you some time. Follow some (or all) of these steps, and you may be able to buy yourself enough time to return to your car before it disappears.

If you can find a full curb, park your car up against it from the back or the front of the car. By doing this, you give the tow truck driver one less side of your car to access as they attempt to take your car. You should also look into buying one of those steering wheel locks like The Club. Be sure to set your parking brake every time you park anyway, but if you fear being towed, pull it up as hard as you can to make things more difficult.

You should also turn your wheels to one side as far as you possibly can. Again, none of these tips will save your car indefinitely, but they will be very helpful in giving you enough time to come back for your vehicle.

If you have had your car towed, you should remember how important it is to look into the best car insurance rates, because tow truck drivers only care about getting your car to the lot, not about whether it gets there in one piece or not. Be sure to choose the right insurance for your vehicle.