How to Drive After a Hurricane?

Be careful, if the area where your car was park is flooded. Turning on the engine when it is wet can cause serious damage.

Puddles are deceiving. A puddle may seem like a small pool of water, but it could really be a huge pot hole. The puddle may also conceal tire puncturing debris. Avoid puddle if possible.

After a storm, the road is covered with debris. This debris may seem like just sticks and leaves, but debris like nails and glass can be easily hidden under a bunch branches. Avoid any debris if possible. If you drive a significant amount of debris, you should inspect your tires after. It is also a good idea to bring an emergency kit with you. If the tire becomes punctured, you will want to change the tire as soon as possible.

After you drive through a large puddle, your brake might get wet. To dry off the brake, lightly apply the brake pedals. This will the pedals dry off.

After a natural catastrophe, it is always a good idea to drive slowly. You do not know what obstacles you may come across. There may be lights and traffic lights that are broken. Be cautious and careful on the road. All the drivers will be stressed out and possibly distracted. Just keep calm and drive carefully.

People might be walking around observing the damage caused by the hurricanes. The street may be filled with pedestrians. Be especially careful. Everyone is highly distracted and stressed out. There will probably also be an increase of traffic.

Trees probably fell because of the storm. These trees may have fallen across power lines or roads. Do not try to drive underneath a tree. You may feel safe doing so, but there is still a risk that the tree may fall. If the tree fell across a power line, there may be electric currents running through the tree. You do not want to risk any extra injuries.

If your car was damaged by the storm, contact your insurance company. Document any damage. Take photos of the vehicle and the area round the car. This evidence will help you process a claim.

Hurricanes cause incredible damage during the storm. After the storm, the lasting effects of the damage become more evident. Be careful on the road.