How to Replace The Clutch of Your Vehicle?

If you are mechanically inclined, then surely you can change a worn clutch easily. But if you are not that much mechanically inclined, then all you need is to learn the exact way of doing so. Clutch repair in working is not that easy but if you get to know the right procedure, then the task is not that hard. For performing the task, you will need a kit and most importantly the toolbox. Without a kit and toolbox, you can’t repair the clutch of your vehicle. Experts say that this is one of the minor and crucial repairing jobs to go through in terms of straightforwardness.

Steps to clutch repair

Clutch repair in working and Brake repair are quite similar; the procedure is a bit different. Before installing the new clutch, you will have to remove the old one. The steps that one should follow to replace the part depends on the type of vehicle on which you are installing it. For example, if you are replacing it then obviously the procedure will be quite simpler than that of replacing a truck clutch.

Before starting with the procedure, make sure that you have assembled a kit. Your kit should have all the essential items like screwdriver, disk, alignment tool, pressure plate, jack and a metric wrench set. Before replacing the old clutch from your vehicle, you will have to lift it off the ground by using the jack, which will provide you with wide space to work.

First of all, remove all the outer parts located nearby the part. Don’t forget to remove the floor shifter, located near it. Now, disconnect the exhaust pipe so that the smoke comes out of it while dealing with the part. Your next step will be to remove the inner parts that are located under the hood. Find out the starter, located close to the transmission. Now, cut off the hydraulic cylinder hose and the drive shaft.

Make use of the metric wrench set to bring out the transmission and the bolts should be undone carefully along with the wrench set, just before the transmission comes out lose. Now, carefully take away the old disk and pressure plate and then scrutinize the flywheel. No matter whether it is damaged or worn, it should be replaced.

Use the alignment tools to install the new pressure plate and disk. Remove the transmission by properly connecting all the bolts. Restore the interior parts and make sure that all the parts are connected properly. Connect the exhaust pipe and reinstall the shifter. For finishing the procedure, reinstall the transmission and all the parts that were removed. The companies also offer brake repair in Woking

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