Parent Taught Drivers Ed Replaced by Professionals

Maybe Father doesn’t know best

Parent taught driver education is not usually what is best for the young teenager looking to earn their driver license, or more importantly than the license, learn how to drive. Natural complications inherent in the parent-teen relationship coupled with a lack of professional driver training education and preparation make this relationship precarious before either person ever gets in the car.

Parents focus on convenience

When it comes to their child’s well-being, parents may know best, but are rarely the best teachers of driver education. Historically, many parents have elected this cumbersome route to drivers ed because of the convenience it provided. They simply did not want to take junior to a driver education school for 32 trips, 16 separate classes, that ate into the family schedule.

But behind the wheel results show this is not what is best for teenagers embarking upon their first experience piloting a 3,000 pound missile down the freeway. Parent taught drivers are more likely to have an incident in their first year of driving than professionally taught students.

It only makes sense. It’s no different than dad being a self-taught golfer versus having a top professional teach him the finer points of the game. The only real difference is that mistakes are far more costly behind the wheel than they are with a putter in your hand.

Parent Taught Drivers Ed is a Roadblock

For years, the only online drivers ed in Texas has been available to those registered for the parent taught education experience, which relies on parents to teach the child. When they get to the in-car training, they fail to take into consideration these are not the same roads they grew up on, nor are they professional driving instructors who understand the subtle nuances that can turn a decent teen driver into a great teen driver. It usually ends up in a disaster with the parent heading to the nearest Houston driving school to pick up the slack.

By the time a teen is eligible to take a drivers ed course, their parents’ own driver education is over 20 years old, making their knowledge of signs, rules and driving methodologies extremely outdated, not to mention the bad habits they have developed which they inherently pass down to their children.

While “teaching” their teen in the car, many parents stomp on an invisible passenger brake as their child careens around neighborhoods and other simplistic driving environments until they log the minimum of the State-required hours, or maybe even a few shy, cheating the teen out of valuable experiences usually achieved in proper driver training.

Teen driver training requires more than a young driver spending seven hours behind the wheel, especially with their parent. While that may get them a license, becoming a skilled driver requires consistent, disciplined instruction and challenging driving environments, which can only come from training with a top professional. At the end of the day, the parents and teen need to make a decision. “Are we out just to get a license or do we want to learn how to drive?” There is a big difference. A matter of life and death.

Safety AND Convenience

Now parents and their teenagers can have both. The convenience and flexibility of a rigorous online curriculum backed by the stellar in-car training by SafeWay Driving Centers top professionals. SafeWay is the first driving school in Houston with a State approved proprietary online teen driver curriculum that also offers the in-car component of the training process in their cars with one of their highly-trained professional instructors. That way you get convenience and the safety that comes with a quality, proven driver training system.

SafeWay trains and employs more certified driving instructors through their rigorous instructor training program than any Houston driving school. Experts in the SafeWay Driving System, SafeWay trained instructors are the best and most disciplined instructors in the industry. Moreover, they do this for a living, day in and day out, working with all types and levels of teenage drivers.

The top in-car instruction in the State coupled with a convenient and comprehensive online course fulfills the parent’s desire for convenience while providing the driver an exceptional learning experience at their pace and on their schedule at the driving school in Houston.