Putting on a Good Quality Leather Steering Wheel Wrap Will Protect it From All Kinds of Damage

You can save time and money by learning how to install a leather wrap steering wheel by yourself.

No need to try and figure out on your own as we have provided step by step instructions on how to turn your stock wheel into a protected leather wrapped steering wheel.

The regular stock covering on a wheel will gradually wear down as time progresses and by frequent handling by the driver. Weather conditions such as constant exposure to sunlight can also quickly dry out the leather or vinyl and cause it to become fragile. The natural sweat and oils from your hands can also stain or spoil the leather. Rather than paying someone to install one you can get your own leather wrap kit at any automotive store. The job may include some sewing skills but with a little effort you can complete the task in just a few hours.

The first thing you should do is measure the exact diameter of your wheel. You do this by placing one end of a tape measure on the outermost rim and then pull out the tape to the outermost rim of the opposite side. After noting the measurement of the wheel diameter it is time to figure out the thickness of the grip by taking a short piece of string and wrapping it around it. Make a mark on the string, take the string out, straighten it and then line it up with your tape measure to find out the exact thickness.

After these basic initial steps you will now need to purchase a leather wrap steering kit that matches your calculations. You should be able to find some great bargains online or through an auto parts store. If you already have one then simply unpack the kit and go over the directions carefully before starting.

The next step is to place the leather wrap over the wheel with the thread holes facing inwards towards the horn. Pull the ends of the leather wrap together and put some tape every few inches to make sure it doesn’t move. This is important since it will prevent it from moving all over the place make your sewing job a lot easier.

Now cut off about 4-5 feet of wax covered string to begin the sowing process. Take the string and wrap it around your index finger. Thread the end of the string up through the loop on your finger, then slide of your finger and tightly pull it to make a beginning knot. If there is any excess slack you can easily trim it off if necessary.

Grip the needle and thread the string end that does not have the knot through the needle head. Start threading by pulling the string through the right side of the leather wrap from underneath. Thread the needle through the opposite side of the wrap and make sure you pull the string tightly so that it does not become loose. Thread the string through the opposite hole and continually repeat this process. Keep doing this until you reach one of the spokes on the wheel. A spoke is one of the contacts between the outer rim of the wheel and the steering column. Finish this part by making a knot as close to the wrap as possible and trimming off any excess string.

Now you will need to cut off another 4-5 foot piece of wax string and repeat the process until you get to the next spoke. Keep on sewing between all the spokes until the entire leather wrap is complete. Now you can take away the pieces of tape and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This is the fastest and easiest way to install a leather steering wheel wrap. It will not only prevent further wear and tear from constant use, but a brand new leather wrap steering wheel will also look awesome. By turning your stock wheel into a leather wrapped steering wheel, it will ensure the prolonged enjoyment of your vehicle for many years to come.