Saab Sonett Alive For Fifty Years

The Saab Sonett has recently celebrated its fifty years of existence in the industry. If there are plenty of vehicles out there are trying to stay alive for a really long, there are only a few who have been able to achieve it. Some only live for a decade. Some only live for twenty good years. Only a few make it to thirty and even forty. But the Saab Sonett bested everybody else by still being on the move even at the ripe age of fifty.

Its name is quite unique. But the name is just right for a really unique vehicle that holds the best kind of uniquely crafted Saab parts. You see, this sports car had actually taken its name right out of an expression in Sweden, ?s? n?tt.? Now, ?s? n?tt? when translated to English means ?so neat?. And this should be one characteristic that you should expect out of the Saab Sonett.

After fifty years of being in the auto market, the Saab Sonett is now known as the quintessential sports car from Saab that has the capacity to hold two people inside. If you feel like wanting to know this vehicle better or you would simply love to take a real good spin with this vehicle, you can try rushing this Sunday, October 15th, to Brookline, Massachusetts. You see, there would be a grand event where the Saab Sonett can be found. This event is the Swedish Car Day and it would be held in the area?s Larz Anderson Museum.

Various Saab Sonetts can be seen during this mentioned event. People who own this kind of vehicle are very proud to show off their own vehicles and give the public a chance to get to know the vehicle more. Included in the list of those Saab Sonetts that would be on display are those units which are owned by members of the Saab Automotive USA heritage collection. Plus, Saab Sonetts which have been created in various generations and periods would also be displayed. There would be a very priceless dark orange 1956 Sonett I. Also included is a 1967 silver colored Sonett II 2-stroke vehicle.