Saving Money And The Environment

Saving fuel is something that all drivers are (or should be) doing at the moment as we look to save money and help the environment. The environment may not be the top of the list of reasons why we should do this but by saving fuel we are saving money and at the same time, doing our bit for the environment. There are some useful tips for drivers to take into consideration, in order to cut down on their fuel consumption.

One thing that some drivers are not aware of is that it is beneficial to buy your fuel in the morning or evening. This is because petrol is denser when the temperature is cooler (typically in the morning or late evening). Doing so will help you save money because the pump calculates the volume of fuel you are putting into your car and not the density. This may mean getting up slightly earlier in the morning but it is surely worth it in order to save some money and beat the rush hour traffic.

Make sure you get every last drop from the pump. The station works out how much to charge you from how long you press down the nozzle. However, what some do not realise is that even after you have let go and you do not wish to spend any more on fuel, there is still a small flow of petrol left. Therefore, make sure you wait a few seconds and then give the nozzle a shake to ensure you get all the fuel out and get your moneys worth.

Keeping a fuel log is a good idea too as it allows you to see how much you are spending each time you visit the pumps. All you need is a little notepad to note down how much your fuel is topped up by and the cost. By doing this you can keep an eye on your spending and if you notice your mileage is decreasing then there may be a problem with your car. This can be a bit time consuming if you are in a rush but it will help you keep an eye on your fuel costs.

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