Soar With The Mazda Mx-5

Bearing the symbol letter M like wings stretching to soar for the future, Mazda is envisioned to create new value, excite and delight to their customers through the best automotive products and services. Being the first automotive company to produce a car that can run on hydrogen fuel, the Japanese auto maker has also proven that it builds not just user-friendly cars but environment-friendly vehicles as well.

The company name which in Japanese language means ?wisdom? has likewise proven that in choosing cars, people smart enough will choose Mazda.

As of last year, Mazda has satisfied the great demands of people in countries like Japan, Europe, Australia, North and Latin America. The Hiroshima-based company expects to produce 1.25 million cars every year. Headed by Hisakazu Imaki, it had proven and still continues to prove itself of producing high technology and state of the art vehicles all over the globe.

When talking about convertibles out there, Mazda?s masterpiece, the Mazda MX-5 definitely is a much-loved favorite. Mazda, in the year 1989 had set the trend for the convertibles introducing their Mazda Miata (as known in North America) or the Roadster (as known in Japan). Comparable to the MG F, and the third-generation Toyota MR2, the Mazda MX-5 or Miata or Roadster, is a small sports convertible car that had already produced three generations of quality and excitement for over 18 magnificent years.

After modernizing the concept of the affordable droptop sports car in 1990, the Miata received its first complete makeover last year. It currently sports a new unibody, new skin, a new interior, a new powertrain ? basically new everything, including upgraded Mazda Miata performance parts.

With the entry of rivals like the Pontiac Solstice, the MX-5 inadvertently lost its least-expensive-roadster title, but the much-loved roadster still remains a cult favorite because of its all-around goodness: it is fast, agile, refined, quiet, roomy, comfortable, and not to mention, better-looking. Just when you thought things couldn?t get any better, Mazda rolled out a Miata with a folding hardtop midway through 2006. Priced just under $25,000 for starters, it is now the least expensive hardtop convertible in the United States.

Coming in different, sleek and sexy colors like the classic red, brilliant black, and mariner blue, Mazda Miata remains one of the best cars out there ? the perfect small convertible for those sweet, soaring road trips that reminds you just how good life is.