Sparkling, Streak-free Windows For Your Car And Your Home

Want to clean your windows like the pros? While it�s not rocket science, there is a glass cleaning technique that can make the job quick and professional-looking. It is also critical to have the right products.

And where will you find the perfect product for cleaning windows? At your local auto supply store, believe it or not. Invisible Glass made by Stoner, has been a favorite with auto enthusiasts, professional drivers, and racers for 10 years because it removes even the toughest grime from auto glass and windshields. Not surprisingly, it is the number one selling glass cleaner in the automotive market.

Car buffs appreciate the way it quickly removes dust, dirt, bugs, sap, oil, grease, fingerprints and more from glass, providing a clear and streak-free view. If it can do that for windows that collect hundreds of miles of gunk a week, imagine what it can do to normal household grime. The name of the product says it all. Invisible Glass cleans windshields, windows and mirrors so well, you�ll think they�re invisible.

�I read the ad and thought it sounded just too good to be true,� says D. Hunt, from Massachusetts, a car enthusiast who had been searching for a truly effective window cleaner. �I got a can and first tried it on my Expedition’s windows and I could not believe the difference. It actually looked like there was no glass. I then applied your Stoner Invisible Glass to my award winning Corvette and the glass almost disappeared. It was really that clean! Most of all, there were no streaks.�

John Goldbach of Stoner explains that other glass cleaners use water and �foamy� surfactants or soaps in their products. �These inexpensive ingredients remove basic dirty, but leave streaky residues that are difficult or impossible to remove,� he says. Invisible Glass cleans fast, with a powerful, non-streaking, non-abrasive formula. It evaporates 100 percent and contains no surfactants, soaps or foams. You can choose from an environmentally safe, CFC-free aerosol spray or the new non-aerosol trigger spray bottle. Both deliver a streak-free shine.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting the cleanest windows possible for both your car and your home, from the experts at Invisible Glass:

* Start with the right applicator. Use only soft, clean, lint-free cloths or towels that are free of residual detergents and fabric softeners (these can streak glass). Avoid paper towels that contain streaky wetting agents. Some pros prefer to use crumpled newspapers.

* Spray a thin coating of glass cleaner on the surface to loosen and dissolve dirt, bugs, sap and difficult, oily grime.

* Gently wipe surface to lift and remove grime. First applications will remove the majority of grime but trace residues of solubilized dirt may remain. A second or third application with a clean cloth may be needed to loosen and absorb these trace deposits.

* Clean both sides of the glass for complete, streak-free shine. Buff glass completely dry.

* For cars, don�t forget to clean the windshield wiper blades with a clean cloth wetted with glass cleaner to renew wiper performance and prevent built-up grime from recontaminating glass.