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American Scenic Byways Are a Great Option if You Own RV in Iowa

The weather is heating up and Iowa RV dealers are gearing up because this is the time of year when Iowans hop in their recreational vehicles (Recreational vehicles) and explore this great country of ours. Some of the most popular types of trips among Iowa Recreational vehicle’rs are cruises along America’s scenic byways.

Cruising America’s Scenic Byways

If you own or plan to own an RV in Iowa, then you owe it to yourself to take a family excursion through some of America’s scenic byways. An entire byway network has formed throughout the country, and it provides you the opportunity to avoid the traffic and drive at a leisurely pace through some truly beautiful countryside. Most of these routes have Recreational vehicle parks and public lands along the way as well.

Great River Road

For Recreational vehicle lovers in Iowa, one of the most popular scenic byway destinations is the … Read More

The Demise Of The American Muscle Car

It happened back in the 70’s, but the evidence was still there. It was the case of the disappearing horsepower and this is what happened.

In the era of the muscle car power was everything. It didn’t matter what it was, sports car, family car, pickup; it had the biggest V-8 possible stuffed under the hood. Cubic inches were king and advertised power was astronomical. These cars could kick sand in the windscreens of anything else on the road.

But then horsepower seemed to disappear overnight!

Take my favourite muscle car, the Ford Mustang. The macho models had V-8s, though meeker models came with an inline six. The biggest six had 200 cubic inches and 155 hp in 1969/70.

What did the V-8s punch out? The most powerful 351 gave 300 hp in 1970 and the 427 gave a massive 390 hp in 1968. But by 1973 the most powerful … Read More