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Cyclists And Motorcyclists – How Shampoo Could Save Your Life

In a recent study, some helmet wearer reported occasional itchiness that becomes so severe that it temporary distracts them whilst riding. Not a good idea! So how can helmet wearers ditch the itch? What’s available and do ‘membranes’ or bandanas help? Let’s start from scratch (no pun intended!)

Helmet linings contain a gradual build-up of bacteria – no matter how hard you try to remove it. You would never wear a shirt or blouse over and over again without washing it. Helmet wearers subject themselves to very high concentrations of bacteria by placing the lining of their helmets in direct contact with their hair and scalp.

This is the cause of itchiness and irritation, as the bacteria infiltrates microscopic lesions in the surface of the scalp; a helmet wearer scratches with their finger nails or another utensil. The micro-lesions become worse and so too does the problem; usually whilst the … Read More

Cyclists. Should They Be Insured

I think this is true also of uninsured cyclists. One day we will look back in bemusement at how they were allowed on our roads without insurance.. I spend a lot of time on the roads, covering on average 800 miles each and every week so I see a lot. There are many things that incense me with ignorant attitudes but here we are just concerning ourselves with the increasingly bad behaviour of cyclists.

I see many incidents every week and in my opinion it is a growing problem. Firstly, I lose count of how many times each week I am behind a cyclist with either myself or a learner at the wheel, perhaps even just about to overtake, and suddenly they swing out, sometimes as much as half a metre, to avoid a drain or a small hole without even the slightest look behind them to see who is … Read More