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April Auto Sales Expected To Show Decrease

As the month of April approaches its final days, monthly sales for the month are expected to be posted by car manufacturers. But before the selling days for the month are over, analysts in the auto industry have already predicted that the U.S. auto sales figures for this month will show a reduction as compared to the same month last year.

Experts infer that slow sales for this month will hurt the U.S. Big Three more than it will affect Japanese car brands such as Honda and Toyota. This will surely increase the chances of the Toyota Motor Corporation overtaking the Ford Motor Company in terms of U.S. auto market share. The expected lowers sales for General Motors will also boost Toyota’s bid to become the world?s largest car manufacturer.

The reason cited by industry analysts for declining sales is the continuing trend which sees car buyers turning their back … Read More

United States is Expected to Guide The Competition of Lithium-ion Battery For Car

Duke University recently released a new study shows that, by 2020, more than half of new car sales are expected to be hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars and pure electric cars. The world is racing to develop and produce advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle, the United States already has the conditions to become a world leader.

Duke University to carry out the study of globalization, governance and competitiveness of the research center pointed out, when the hybrid car appears, Japan by virtue of the Toyota Prius leading the United States about 10 years. But Prius uses nickel metal hydride battery, the vast majority of the next generation of hybrid and pure electric vehicles will use lithium-ion batteries, and suitable for vehicles using of lithium-ion battery has not yet been fully developed, commercialization and mass production.

Marcy Lowe, the lead author of the report said, despite a professor of the … Read More