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The Abc?s Of Car Rental Lingo

Have you ever walked in on a huddle of gaming geeks only to overhear some suspicious snippet of conversation that includes references to RPG elements, snipers and armies of bejeweled dragons? This kind of group-bound lingo is referred to as jargon and defined as ?a vocabulary peculiar to a particular trade, profession or group?. With technology developing at a lightning fast pace, new branches and varieties of shoptalk are cropping up every day, but this doesn?t mean that it gets any less confusing.

Ask me to describe the rental vehicle I saw and the best answer you?ll get is something along the lines of ?blue with silver bits along the edges?. Ask my partner and he?ll launch into a speech praising the long term rental vehicle?s AWD, DOHC and aftermarket additions. Instead of remaining ignorant as to the meaning of these mystifying acronyms, I set out to learn a bit … Read More