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Buying A Used Car For Your New Teenage Driver

Often, the key to finding the right used car for the new driver in your house is doing your homework. These tips will help steer you towards a pre-owned car that fits the bill without breaking your budget:

� First, determine how the car will be used. If it’s for commuting or trips to college and back, then gas mileage and comfort may be your biggest considerations. With gas prices high, fuel economy is an important consideration.

� Make a list of some vehicle safety features you’re looking for. For example, are you interested in anti-lock brake systems and integrated seat belt systems?

� Always test-drive prospective cars on city streets and highways. This will give you a chance to thoroughly examine the car. Have your teenager drive it if you can. Make sure everything on the car works properly–brakes, gauges, lights, windows and locks. Also, have a mechanic you … Read More