Texas Drivers Education Courses

Texas drivers education (DEd) courses serve an important purpose. The aim of Texas DEd courses is to educate new drivers to the rules of the road and to help them learn safe and effective driving skills. Each state has different requirements for a driver to become licensed to drive, but all new drivers will need to fulfill some type of driver’s education requirement in order to get their license.

Types of Texas Drivers Education Courses

In Texas, there are different driver’s education classes for adults who are getting their license for the first time than there are for new teen drivers. Under current Texas law, adults ages 18 to 24 who are getting a new license for the first time will need to take a six hour adult drivers ed course. This class differs from the driver’s education program required for drivers under the age of 18.

Teens under 18 must also complete Texas DEd. There are a number of ways for teens to fulfill this requirement. For instance, they may complete the course curriculum and complete the behind the wheel with their parents or legal guardian. This is referred to parent taught drivers education (PTDE). Another option is to go through a live class at a commercial driving school or through their high school.

Parents or guardians must meet certain eligibility requirements in order for their teens to use PTDE to complete their driver training, such as not having a suspended license in the last 3 years, or have more than 6 points on their driving record. There are also other requirements for PTDE courses, for example the total course time will consist of 66 hours (32 in course curriculum and 34 hours in behind the wheel practice. Also a student may not be taught for more than 2 hours in one day.

What Type of Texas Drivers Education Courses are Right for You?While new adult and new teen drivers both have to complete required DEd classes, there is some flexibility as far as where and when they take those courses. For instance, some teens may be able to take classes on their school campuses or at special off-site instruction locations. Adults can also take courses at a variety of different local sites that offer DEd programs.

Another alternative and one that is preferable for many drivers is to take drivers education courses online. Texas DEd courses online are a viable alternative provided you select an approved and accredited program. Taking the coursework online can be far more convenient, especially since those who do not have a license will need to have someone take them to local courses since they cannot drive there themselves.

Instead of needing to go to a local class, depending on someone for a ride and working around someone else’s schedule, you can complete the required DEd training online right from the comfort of your own home or from your school or workplace.

When you take Texas drivers education courses online, you may also be better able to focus on the course material that is being presented. This can be especially beneficial for teens who may become distracted when taking courses at school with friends present.

Because of the many benefits of taking Texas DEd courses online, both new adult drivers and teen drivers should look into the online drivers ed programs available to them to fulfill their state required education obligations.