The Story Behind Ktm X- Bow

The KTM X-Bow, by just looking at this car, it is like you’re already floating in a dream, wishing that someday you’ll have your butt creating friction with the driver’s seat. The design is just like what you see on car-racing anime series. Looking from afar or by the picture, you will think that this just a model toy from Bey Blade cartoon series, sadly it’s not. But it is possible that the cars you see on animated shows will come into life, and the clear proof is the KTM X-Bow. Sports car enthusiast or not, you will definitely end up addicted with the appearance of this car.

KTM is the manufacturer of this sports car, an Austria-based company. The partnership with Kiska Design, Audi and Dallara made the creation possible. The stylish racing car was first revealed in 2007 but was only launched in 2008 and won the Car of the Year by Top Gear on the same year. And would you believe that sports cars is not KTM’s specialty? You heard it right. KTM is a better known motorcycle manufacturer. But with the creation of KTM X-Bow, they have the world informed that they can do better than what they are currently doing. This is because the car was used and did well in the 2008 Race of Champions held at Wembley Stadium, London and 2009 Race of Champions in Beijing China. Also in 2008, it won the GT4 SuperLight European Cup with Christopher Haase at the helm, followed up by three other KTM drivers grabbing the first three places in the Sports Light Series. The original plan was to produce 500 units a year, but due to high demand, the production was increased to 1,000, plus an additional plant in Graz, the second largest city in Austria.

X-Bow is more than just it looks. On the race track, it can outperform any sports cars built by notable manufacturers. The car uses turbocharged direct injected TFSI engine manufactured by Volkswagen Group, which produces 177 kilowatts (237 hp) at 5,500 rpm and 310 newton meters (230 lb?ft) of torque between 2,200 and 5,500 rpm. The layout is rear-wheel drive, traditionally used in racing. The engines is 2.0 L turbocharged 14, transmission is either 6-speed manual and 6-speed DSG sequential. And with a curb weight of 1500 lbs., the X-Bow’s 220-horsepower Audi engine can make the racer propel from 0 to 62 within 3.9 seconds. Other features of this car are carbon fibre monocoque, Brembo brakes, optional DSG transmission, and an F1-style crashbox.

X-Bow don’t have windshields but has a specially designed helmet which is very effective as a full crash protection.

Right now, KTM is still working in improving the feature of the X-Bow(crossbow). They are expected to add the option for an even more powerful 300 horsepower engine. Manufacturers are also looking for a possibility to maximize its speed up to 180 mph.