Tips To Maintain Your Car

1. However busy your schedule might be, never forget to take your car for servicing whenever it is due. The routine car will help you avoid expensive repairs that can be avoided in time.

2. Take proper care of the engine of your car. Keep a check on the engine oil at least once in two weeks. Add a good quality engine oil to keep your engine healthy. See what engine oil is recommended by the car manufacturer.

3. Keep a constant check on the tyres. Tyres tend to depreciate; replace tyres as and when required. Make sure that the air pressure is maintained at all times.

4. Get regular wheel balancing and wheel alignment done for your car. Wheel balancing is a 15 minute routine check for your wheels that can be done in any specialized wheel balancing shop. This will add to the life of the tyres and your car of course.

5. Keep a vigil on the level of engine coolant once every two weeks to avoid overheating and serious damages to the car.

6. The way you drive also affects your car. You should avoid keeping your foot on the clutch pedal at all times. Use brakes as less as possible. Avoid instant braking. Do not screech your tyres driving very fast. Follow good driving habbits to avoid accidents and subsequently increase the life of your car.

7. Do not treat your car like a rugged sports monster. Refrain from racing the car as it stars or extreme braking. This would cause damage to your car and reduce its life in the long run.

8. Take due care of the looks of the car as well. Wax coat the dashboard and on the outside regularly. Wax coating will reduce the risk of scratches and were and tear due to extreme environment conditions like scorching sun or dense rain.

9. Preferably store your car in a garage or under a roof. Exposure to intense sun can lead to faded color of the car and the other fiber surfaces.

10. Don’t eat or drink inside your car. Avoid smoking cigarettes inside your car. Food and drink spills, stains and the foul smell of cigarettes can ruin the interiors of your Cars.