Tire Pressure Faux Pa Forces Altima Recall

Authorities are recalling approximately 123,308 model year 2013 Nissan Altima vehicles. A pressure regulator over- or under inflated spare tires for five days at the manufacturing plant, thus resulting in improperly inflated tires.

Those sedans manufactured from March 21-26 are being recalled after the tire inflating faux pa at the plant. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that the recall will begin on May 3 and owners of the affected vehicles should expect to see a notice from the manufacturer. Owners who did not receive a notice from the manufacturers should contact their dealership or the automobile maker directly for further information. Also, the federal safety organization encourages owners who have other problems regarding this recall to go ahead and give them call.

NHTSA stated that those who received the notice should go to their local Nissan dealer who will check the tire pressure and correct it if necessary. Owners who have a tire pressure checker can check the tire pressure level of their tire from home, then go to a gas station and add pressure to their tires if necessary. To get the appropriate tire pressure level, refer to your owner’s manual.

Inside a manufacturer’s manual you can find other useful information to help you with your vehicle’s maintenance. There is information in there that gives you appropriate fluid levels for your vehicle as well as proper engine and transmission oil replacement schedules. If you do not want to perform maintenance on your vehicle, simply visit a mechanic. A qualified mechanic can check your vehicle for you and make sure that everything is running tip top shape to prevent automobile accidents.

Following instructions regarding a recall is important for all car owners. When a vehicle is not up to standards, there is a chance that you and other on the public road may be at risk for injury or a car accident.

Vehicle collisions stemming from a manufacturer’s error do happen from time to time. Some of them in the past have included situations such as unintended acceleration, parts of the vehicle that can fall off or fluid leakage situations that can cause a fire at any spark. In some of those situations, passengers and drivers died simply because of a manufacturer’s error, overlook or defect.

Remember to go ahead and seek professional help if you or a loved one was ever injured in an automobile accident related to a manufacturer’s faux pa.