Watch The Road! What To Look Out For On The Road To Avoid Having An Accident.

The first thing whilst on the road is to drive carefully. Making sure that the car is 100{1fc9255f709716ff2a33289826fd726eed7cedf5137bb7feefe22a1bfbde604a} road worthy, and not breaking any of the traffic rules, is mandatory. Those who have just started driving should be extra careful. When approaching home after hectic and tiring days, make sure that no speed limits are broken or a ‘let?s get home soon’ attitude is adopted. Driving extra carefully in residential areas where there are children playing, people crossing the street, and cyclists on the road, will reduce the chances of having an accident.

Safe driving is an art, and any good driver will tell that being aware of other drivers’ intentions is of utmost importance. Simply following the car in front at a safe distance is not good enough. Try and gauge the cars in front of the car that is being followed. If the fifth or sixth car in front slams on its brakes, slow down immediately as the driver in front may react late, resulting in an accident. Be sure to overtake the car in front once the road one is driving on is clear. Turn on the car?s lights as soon as visibility drops. Be extra careful during storms, rain, snow and bad weather. Don?t ever step into the driver’s seat if you are intoxicated or using any medication that can impair your driving. Don?t forget to fasten the seat belt, and make sure that other passengers in the car are also fastened up. Don?t get distracted by using the cell phone or searching for a CD or favourite station. Even on empty roads, don?t exceed the speed limit – no one knows what waits around the next bend. Never tailgate the car in front. Don?t cut lanes without ensuring that the lane is safe and clear.

There are some gangs that create accidents to claim insurance; be aware of them. A driver may signal you to cut in front and when your car tyres cross the lane divider he will side swipe you – and claim it was your fault. On a round about, the car in front slams on its brakes and their brake lights are not working, causing the car at the back to plough into it. So make sure you maintain a safe distance when approaching or driving in a round about. When taking a bend, make sure that the car stays in its lane – a slight veer out of the lane can cause a side swipe. If a car cuts into the car in front and the driver in front slams on the brakes and you are too close, you are going to hit the car in front.

No matter how tired you might be or how frustrating the traffic, don?t attempt any short cuts as they may cost extremely in terms of safety and money. Don?t ever jump a traffic light, even if the roads are deserted. Watch out for cars, cyclists, and motorcyclists that may pop out of side lanes, and keep a look out for pedestrians trying to cross the road. Always look in the rear mirror before applying the brakes.