Why Select Mopar When Replacing Your Dodge Brakes

Let?s start with a simple personal topic. How are the condition of your Dodge brakes? If you pose this question to a majority of people the same thing, they might reply ?They work.’

Many would agree that the brakes are the single most important system on their car or truck. But studies have shown that more than one-third of cars on U. S. roads have worn out or neglected brakes. That’s about 50 million vehicles on the road with worn out out brakes. That?s not a comforting thought while driving 75 miles an hour on freeway during the afternoon rush.

Properly maintaining your Dodge brakes on cannot be underestimated from a from both a safety standpoint and from a cost standpoint. A regular brake system inspection every 12 months or 12,000 miles could be the difference between a $125 to $150 brake pad replacement versus a comprehensive brake job that could range in excess of $500.

When it’s time for brakes, selecting original Mopar Dodge brakes is essential. Mopar brakes are designed and built to the engineering standards of the original parts and provide true form, fit and performance. Inferior aftermarket brakes fail to meet these standards so when choosing you Dodge brakes, be sure to select Mopar parts.

Usually, when most people choose aftermarket brakes, the process of good, better, best is generally dictated by price rather than quality. This compromise is not always a good decision. With the performance of your Dodge brakes being critical, trusting your replacement parts to the best is a intelligent choice.

So why select Mopar when replacing your Dodge brakes? The main reason is that Mopar parts are engineered by the same team of dedicate part designers that developed your Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep. As a result, they are designed to fit, perform and wear to your vehicle?s specification. These are the same Dodge brakes that were used during testing and manufacturing.

Authentic Mopar parts are the only parts built from the same stamping dies used in the original manufacturing of your vehicle. This gives you a superior replacement part that includes the highest-level materials, exact fit, correct colors and original equipment finish. When you choose Mopar Dodge brakes you can be sure that what?s under the hood, matches the emblem that?s on the hood.

Although many household budgets are tight, it?s critical to focus on the truly important vehicle maintenance issues, you?ll surely agree that brakes should be a priority. In automobile replacement parts, quality and reputation matter for your peace of mind, performance and safety. The wisest thing your can do is select original Mopar Parts when you buy your next set of Dodge brakes.