'Worst Driving Conditions Imaginable' Hit UK

More heavy snow and ice has hit the UK, creating treacherous driving conditions for millions of drivers and throwing a great emphasis on the need for breakdown cover UK. Weather warnings have been issued for virtually every area in the UK.

Not only has the road network been affected, there has also been a lot of cancellations in both various rail services and a lot of air flights, as those hoping for Christmas travels may end up being disappointed.

Speaking on behalf of Green Flag, head honcho Dan Robinson noted that there was the potential of the problems to get even worse. ‘This weekend will see a perfect storm of increased traffic as families hit the roads to finish their shopping on the last Saturday before Christmas, and severe weather warnings for heavy snowfall across much of the country’ Mr. Robinson stated, observing that the company were expecting a ’60 per cent increase in breakdown calls this Saturday.’

A number of roads north of the border have actually come to a complete standstill, with a four-mile journey in the Aberdeen area timed to take approximately four hours in the current AA have revealed that they were already receiving approximately 18,000 call-outs per day in the current condition. Also, approximately 1,000 schools are currently shut across the conditions likely to get worse and up to 10inches of snow forecast for the weekend, it is likely that more and more drivers are going to place emphasis on purchasing the correct breakdown cover UK.